Imavex / Service / Billing, Noblesville, IN, US
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-774-7460

Imaves does a great job when it comes to creating logos and art work. However, when it comes to support. I am not pleased.
It is for thsi reason I canceled my account. with Imavex. Imavex and I agreed i was to pay them for two more months of services for $300.00. It was my understanding that I would be billed two payments of $150.00 I was billed the total amount of $300.00 at the end of October. Imavex instead of waiting the two months and giving me complete service turned the Roku part of my account off . I wish Imavex had billed me $150.00 a month and allowed me to keep the Roku par of my service for the last two months as agreed by all.


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