ILD TeleservicesUnauthorized charges added to my Frontier Phone bill

This charge for 44.95 plus taxes showed up on my December 2015 phone bill. I called Frontier and asked them who authorized this charge and I wanted it removed. They looked to see what it was and told me it was for International Long Distance and that there was a 59 min call on that. I told them that I don't know anyone in another country and that I didn't make the call and I wanted the charges removed and my account credited. It then appeared again on January 2016 phone bill, again I called my phone company as they told me they were going to block those charges when we spoke in December 2015. I also was not credited the charges but instead they appeared on my bill again. I spent over an hour on the phone with them and was assured it was taken off and I would receive a credit. I just received my my January 2016 bill, and it's on there AGAIN!!! I google searched their company after being told by my phone company that this charge was probably put on when I agreed to a terms and conditions on a web site I was agreeing to so I could continue to the site. What a scam. Their web site says they work with merchants against cramming and that is exactly what their company does is cram you!! I am contacting and turning in a complaint to the FCC. These people need to be stopped and my phone company needs to stop agreeing to bill me for other companies!! I should only be billed for their services and not another companies, this would stop a lot of headaches for us innocent people having to deal with this kind of crap.

Feb 18, 2016

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