ILD Teleservices, Inc. (&Calling 10)&slamming&: bogus phone charges from AT&T

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Bill from AT&T for $13.50 for Directory Assistance calls (includes Fed charges, state taxes).

Never made the calls dialing [protected] number.

AT&T says they can't help what third party companies do, and they can't stop the customer from using other directory assistance services.

AT&T says they are "not affiliated" with "CALLING 10", ILD Teleservices, Inc., but they can do their "BILLING" for them?

AT&T is the one doing the SLAMMING here!

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  • Il
      Mar 16, 2010

    I’d like to assure you that ILD strongly condemns and does not participate in “slamming” which is the illegal practice of switching a consumer's traditional wireline telephone company for local, local toll, or long distance service without permission. We also strongly and condemn and do not participate in "cramming" which is the practice of placing unauthorized or misleading charge on a telephone bill.

    We process over 120 million transactions each year for buyers and merchants – that’s over a half of a billion dollars in purchases, and only a small fraction result in disputes and chargebacks, just like with credit cards. When there are disputes, ILD investigates these with its merchants and makes sure that credits are applied back to the phone bill, just like credit card company standards.

    ILD continually monitors complaint levels against the merchant who the bills through us, and if we find a merchant in violation of our policies, we have and will terminate their billing agreement.
    If your authorized telephone company has been switched without your permission, please let us know. Or if you feel you have been crammed or charged without your consent, please let us know.

    Send an email to [protected] or call us at [protected].

    Thank you,

    Monica Melgar
    ILD Teleservices

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  • To
      Apr 05, 2010

    I disagree with you frauds over at ILD. Your whole business model is one that allows for this crap to occur. We decent law abiding citizens do nothing, and your service allows us to be scammed. You suck and your whole company sucks. Plus, to defend this nonsense makes you look like an ###, Monica (nice name, who else had that name?, lulz biatch). Does anyone who hears about your stupid company really believe you or think you're decent and honest. Hell no, and never will. So stick it up your ###... twice.

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  • Ne
      Jun 15, 2010

    I found a youtube video about this

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  • Ta
      Dec 20, 2010

    My Centurylink phone bill got charges from ILD Teleservices Inc. This was after I had gotten a call from someone from Yellow Pages calling to 'verify' my address and phone number.
    I contacted my telephone company, Centurylink, about the charges, and they said they are not responsible for 3rd party billing. I asked for them to put a block all 3rd party billing. They said it usually blocks all, but may not block some -- whatever that means.
    I called ILD Teleservices, who said they are just a billing company for a company called "Local Biz USA". I called Local Biz USA and I demanded a refund of the unauthorized charges. I received a refund from a company called "Calling 10".
    What's up with so many different entities involved!?! Seems like quite a scam going on. I think maybe IRS ought to check this out.

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  • Tm
      Jun 16, 2011

    FCC is investigating the Calling 10 scam. ILD's home page looked totally fraudulent (Nigerian-Prince fraudulent) at the time.

    I had charges on my phone bill in 2010, which due to my disability, is typically an under four dollar (US) monthly bill. I notice when that bill is doubled by (USD) 3.99 for one directory-assistance call (Calling 10 billed through ILD) because someone (meaning no one) allegedly called local directory-assistance.

    No one in this house is allowed to call, for a local listing, 10-10-xxx-xxxx # 1-xxx-555-1212 when the print directory is next to the household's only telephone. Or they might 4-1-1 like any lazy phuck would. Since when do lazy vermin dial 10-10-xxx... to get (US) 4-1-1? It doesn't make any sense. Is this ILD's business model?

    My telephone complaints to ILD's call centre were referred to the St. John's County (Florida) Sheriff's Department--as a criminal suspect. I ain't in jail, and ILD is now under FTC/FCC investigation.

    TM in CA

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  • Tm
      Jun 16, 2011

    ' should be read as an apostrophe. I guess that . . . is the Canadian Char map.

    TM in CA (Hi, Monicunt, er, Monica)

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