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I attempted to make a call from several pay phones in the Sacramento International Airport late on 12/19/08. They advertised a 50 cent fee for ten minutes (I believe) to anywhere in the U.S. I tried thirty or so different coins to make a call, but they just dropped into the coin return. The phone number of the company that owns the phones was not an 800 number, so there was no way to contact them for assistance without depositing 50 cents! I chose to use my debit card, thinking there would be the usual $3-5.00 fee charged at most airport payphones.

When going over charges on my checking account several days later, I found that ILD Telecommunications had debited my account $28.41 for a 3 minute phone call and $16.38 for one that lasted less than a minute.

I called the company, and was told there is an initial $10 'operator assistance fee' when making pay phone calls (I did not use an operator to make the calls), on top of the outrageous per-minute fee. I was able to get a refund for the smaller call, and they took 35% off the other. I was told that by law, they do not have to post debit and credit card fees on pay phones! Apparently, judging from other complaints against ILD on this site, I'm lucky to have been charged what amounts to about $6.00 a minute to call across town.

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  • Li
      Jul 30, 2007
    ILD Telecommunications - Charge for service I never ordered
    United States

    ILD Communications is billing me every month for some sort of voice mail they say i ordered. I have tried to Call them and the repeatedly give me a confirmation number and say a credit is being issued. I have contacted my local phone company and made a complaint and they reassure me that they have blocked this charge on my bill and the currant charges will be put in dispute. Again I was charged and now they ILD says they have issued a 83.00 credit... I do not believe it. They tell me the service was ordered a... Not so, I told them... After some research on Yahoo... Apparently something that was free was not my computer was hacked... Help...

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  •   May 19, 2008
    ILD Telecommunications - They charged me in error
    ILD Telecommunications
    United States

    I am pissed, I do not have $ 77.00 to just throw away for charges I didn’t make. I never even heard of IDL/ Intellical OPS SVCS until I got these stupid fraudulent charges on my phone bill. I have an automatic payment come out of my bank account each month for my phone payment, and I do not have my budget set up to cover these extra charges. Until this invalidated charges are cleared I will have re-budget to avoid an overdraft and other bank charges to keep my credit in good standing. This is one big mess!

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  • Na
      Jun 11, 2008

    I was charged on feb. 2017 $ 22.70 for some type of weather, event service i did not order, and suppost to receive a credit for that unauthorize charge ( from feb., and now i'm getting a late charge because of those charges, still no credit on site) on going war with verizon.

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  • Wa
      Mar 09, 2010
    ILD Telecommunications - Billed me for sevices not authorized
    ILD Telecommunications
    United States

    I was billed for services on regular phone bill. Did not know who ILD was or what I was being billed for. I never authorized them to supply me with any services what so ever. I don't have a clue how they acquired my phone number, but I guess people in the business of scamming has their ways. I never did find out what service I was billed for. The problem was getting this error resolved. Att was called, I was told to call the number on bill. This was done only to find out I had to call a third party. You know the old runaround. Finnaly reached someone to help. Now I find it may take up to three months to see this charge removed from my phone bill.

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  • El
      Aug 20, 2010
    ILD Telecommunications - Fraud
    ILD Telecommunications
    United States

    My experience was exactly the same as the others. ILD Telecommunications added their charges onto my AT&T bill without my consent or knowledge. This is outright fraud on both companies.

    I believe both AT&T and ILD Telcommunications know what they are doing is wrong, and hoping people won't notice the extra charges. I will fight this, as it is outright fraud, and criminal activity! I will also warn my friends to look for this on their upcoming AT&T bills, so they won't be cheated out of their hard earned money! AT&T will be losing many customers if they continue to let these criminal companies "leach" onto their accounts.

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  • Il
      Aug 23, 2010

    Not a fraudulent practice – here’s what we do.

    ILD Teleservices is a convenient and secure payment method designed for purchasing on the web or over the phone. Like a credit account, ILD provides the flexibility to buy without using your credit card. Hundreds of businesses offer Bill to Phone payment from ILD, giving you a way to pay by charging your phone bill.

    Plus, ILD also provides you with "purchase assurance" protection; like the protection provided by your bank and credit card companies. This means you are not responsible for unauthorized charges. So, if you feel like you have been wrongly billed, please call ILD at [protected] and we’ll help you or you can get support by visiting our self help center at

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and hope that you contact us so that we may resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

    Thank you,
    [protected]@ILD Teleservices

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