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I ordered a dress from IGIGI at When It arrived I discovered that the size was wrong. I sent it back promptly following their return instructions.

A week later I called them to ask about my refund. They told me they didn't receive the package and it takes at least two weeks for them to process the refund. So, I waited TWO more weeks, and when I saw no refund applied I called again. Again, they told me they have no record of my package. I then went to the post office I used to sent the dress back, and they printed out for me their tracking report that showed that the package was delivered.

They say they cannot find my package, and I am waiting for my refund.

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  • Da
      Jul 28, 2009

    In terms of delivering what you order they are pretty good. However, in terms of exchanges and returns---THEY SUCK!!!

    I also sent them a return item, one of two items I bought with my first interaction with them. One item fit great. The other did not, so I returned it in early May. I received a confirmation email from them that my item was received and would be processed. They say that it takes 1-2 billing cycles to process a return and for the credit to show on your account. So, now it is the end of July and I still haven't received a credit. I contacted their customer service team four days ago and still haven't heard back. RIDICULOUS! Especially when you factor in that it is online shopping and you don't get to try items on before wearing them. For an online merchant, exchanges and returns are really important. I like their clothes, but will think twice before I buy anything from them again.

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  • Pi
      Oct 05, 2009

    I too have had a terrible experience with a reutnr. I sent it back UPS and didn't not notice a credit to my account, so I check my tracking number and it said it was delivered to them on the 10th of august and when I called them they said they didn't receive it till the 25 of august...Here it is Oct 5th and I have still not received my refund. I contacted the BBB and they responded to me stating that my complaint was assigned to a case worker...but! I have not heard anything from them in about 1 month and they do not return your phone calls...What happened to customer service?! If this is not resolved by Thankgiving I will be contacting my local media about this! I spent a nice sum of money and they have received their product and probably have already sold it 3 times over and I have to wait for my refund. I cry foul~

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  • So
      Jan 23, 2010

    I, too, have had a HORRIBLE experience with this company. I ordered a dress and returned it back in December. They acknowledge receiving it on December 16th, but claimed to have some rediculous billing cycle where the credit wouldn't show up for 30 days? I've never heard of anything so crazy. SO, that being said, the credit should have been posted January 16th. January 19th, with still no credit, I threatened to dispute the charge with my credit card company. IGIGI then responded that they had issued the credit, THAT DAY. It has yet to be posted to my credit card as of this morning. I have contacted my credit card company to see if they even see the credit. If not, the charge will be disputed and I will report them to the BBB. This company is HORRIBLE to work with and do not honor their return policy or their word. DO NOT do business with them if you want a hassle free experience. It won't be found here. I have instead been working with and cannot express how happy I have been with them. So if you want a positive experience, give them your business!!

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  • Se
      Jul 25, 2012

    Hi Beatrice,

    My name is Candace and I work here at IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel as the Customer Care Representative. I would love to follow up with you regarding your experience. I would also like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Can you please contact me at [protected] Many Thanks


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  • Se
      Jul 25, 2012

    Hi Michelle,

    My name is Candace and I work as the Customer Care Representative here at IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that was caused and I would love to follow up with you about your experience. Can you please contact me at [protected] Many Thanks,


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  • Rc
      Aug 03, 2012

    If I that realized how long it would take to get refunded after buying a dress that didn't fit, I would have looked elsewhere. I have never had to wait more than a week for a return to be credited to my account. So here I am, no dress, no refund and I have a wedding to attend next week . I would have thought with how much money I spent the customer service would be impeccable. You won't see me shoppingat igigi again.

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  • An
      Feb 17, 2016

    Same situation. Bought a dress it did not fit called and emailed customer service for over a week never got a response do I returned the dress. It's been over a month still no refund or response from customer service. I will never purchase from this company again.

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  • Er
      Feb 29, 2016

    I returned my items which they received Feb 1. I waited a week and called and left numerous voice mails and sent many emails. Finally someone called me back and said they got the package but it was in the mail facility and it hasn't been processed yet. I was advised to call back the following week if I haven't heard anything. Well, I didn't hear anything and I've been trying to contact them for over a month. Terrible customer service!

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  • El
      Apr 28, 2016

    The seller with whom I have had issue before, claimed that a blouse that I ordered for a friend and returned had been worn and was stained which is a lie straight from the pit of hell. When the top arrived, she tried it on and immediately took it off. Afterwards, I gave her a satin padded clothes hanger to hang the top on so that the wrinkles would fall out of it. The next morning we went out of town and the blouse was left at my home, hanging on my door underneath a clear bag. While on the trip, I teased Debbie that we were going to be the "Bospy Twins of Christianity", because I was ordering the same blouse in the same size and would wear it at the same time she wore hers. She said that she did not think that the blouse was still in stock. I went to the actual site,, and the top was still available and there a 50% coupon code; I ordered the top. When we returned from the trip, Deb tried the top on again and decided that it did not fit her well, because she is so top heavy and it fell too low in the front. I told her that had I known she was going to return the top, I would have kept if for myself. However, since she had not paid me for it yet, I told her that I would return it for the refund. As a result of having a bad experience with returning something by mail wherein I suffered over a $200 loss, decided to always return things at a store in person or video any item that I returned by mail. I did just that with this blouse. I have never had use any of these videos, however, I am willing to share them with you, the company who is falsely alleging that the blouse had been worn or even as evidence in court.

    My friend is willing to submit a signed, sworn and notarized affidavit to you or anyone upon request. Igigi may do whatever they please with that top (I am sure there a shelters that they could donate the top to rather than "destroy it". At any rate, I do not need it. I have one identical that I purchase from them (in fact, I wore it in television talk show that I host), but I am expecting a full refund. By the way, I used my own postage to return the top.

    Finally, it is more apparent to me know that this company has no integrity. I encouraged to check out their customer reviews, especially on BBB. The bulk of them have much to do with them refunding money and returning phone calls. I will be leaving a few reviews of my own, but in the meantime, I would like my refund. I wonder if Amanda Watson knows or even cares what is really going on in her company.

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