Identity Directorder number [protected]

I purchased beach towels for my grandchildren and spent $85:00, I contacted your call centre today and was told I wasn't getting my towels because of "an inventory issue" not good enough !!!, I have had no contact with identity direct about the problem with the towels, disgusted and extremely angry, I will be referring this to Consumer Affairs ! It has been almost 4 weeks and no one has ever contacted me about this issue! These towels are for two little boys who will be very sad that they are not getting towels with their names on them as promised by their Grandma, towels they won't be able to open on Christmas Day, would you like this to happen to you?! How would you feel if you disappointed your family, put yourself in my shoes, I do not trust your company and will be sure to tell everyone how bad the service is, you can't speak to someone in Australia ! You have to call Kuala Lumpur, I expected more from. identity Direct in Sydney, I will proceed with my complaint and also seek information from my Lawyer in Sydney

Dec 04, 2018

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