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They make us say ridiculous things as if we were at a three year old YMCA camp they made us call the counselers "Disco Stu" " McNugget" "Skipper""Captain" and "Polo". And I hate all of them. The reason being is they treat me like a three year old saying always go out with laniards on and your name tag. At the start of each day they bang on your door and play really annoying music from the "wiggles" a popular show for preschoolers not to mention one time "Disco Stu" scared me by putting makeup on and nail polish which made me call my mom immediately to get me out. I was also notified that if you go to these camps your parents have to sign a document which gives the counselers "temporary" custody over you. They also put people like me who are sixteen with degenerate nose piercing 13 year olds. They line us up and give us a number for attendance like in prison. They never let us play games hardly. The instructors talk for hours on end. When there is an issue they have no concern whatsoever for people involved they just go with the fastest solution. Then worst of all at the end of each day we have to do a ridiculous thing called shoutouts which means you literally get tickets for being good which makes me sick. Not to mention worst of all when they take us out in public they make us line up single file and sing a song like munchkins in wizard of oz. not to mention the fact that they barely feed you anything healthy and soda is literally all anyone drinks and everyone here but me looks like sunlight would burn them alive. DONT SPEND 5, 000 dollars to go here they don give refunds even when they do a terrible job doing what they were paid to do.

Jul 24, 2016

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