Icon Health And Fitnessproform smart pro 2000 - return not picked up - payment due - no refund - long hold times - no answer on pick up

Mc Jan 29, 2019

I ordered a Proform Smart Pro 2000 on 12/26/2018. Due to the size and weight of the item, I added the option of delivery and assembly. I decided to take advantage of the 0% financing for 18 months. After the installers finished on 01/10/2019, the unit didn't power on. They stated I had the incorrect type of surge protector and changing it would resolve the problem. Later, I found was not true. The "professional installers" not only came unprepared, having to borrow tools from me, but also, after they were gone, I discovered they had broken parts on the unit. I found pieces of the treadmill hidden across the room in a corner behind a chair and pieces of hardware on the floor. I am still finding hardware throughout the room. I called customer service on 01/10/2019 as soon as I discovered the problems and requested a return. Customer Service said someone would contact me within 2 weeks for a return. I read that in order to receive a refund, it must be returned in 45 days and I must have an authorization number. I can't get the number from them. If I do not, call back. I have spent 14 hours total on the phone trying to get an answer on when pick up will be. I cannot get the company to have this picked up or even give me an ETA on when. They just keep saying "wait a few more days and call back".I owe a payment on it and the finance company will not let me dispute the balance. Hold times to reach the returns department are extraordinarily long, averaging 2 hours. My concern is, I read in the terms of a return that I need an authorization number. They won't give me one. I read the return must be done within 45 days and I fear they are stalling to let that time run out. I have heard nothing from them regarding the pick up. I reached out to TD Bank Nordic Track Financing regarding the payment, who told me I must pay it. The non-working equipment is quite large, weighing over 300 lbs and taking up space in my home.

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