Ice Cold Air Discount Autorepair ripoff

I reported that the aircon doors were not being activated properly and the cruise control was not working and added that as it was an old van there was probably a bad plastic vacuum hose or vacuum motor bad.

They called a week later and said the intake manifold was "not holding a vacuum" Actually there is only a vacuum when the motor is running but they insisted that the intake manifold gasket must be changed.

Three weeks later, after I called for status reports several times they said the intake manifold was full of carbon and dirt and needed to be replaced. I went up to have a look and they had pried the splash plate up to see the carbon inside.

I knew this was normal and complained and took the manifold to have it hot tanked and cleaned. Napa cleaned it and put the deflector back in new condition for 40.00 which is very good and it looked like new again.

It took two months for Ice Cold to finish and they called me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tampa, FL I asked if they took it for a test drive and the manager said yes and the AC doors and cruise control working fine... lie~!

I took the van for a drive. Cruise control and speedo not working. I found the speedo cable had not been put back on so I put it on myself. So I know there was not test drive to confirm it was working. AC doors still not working when changing from floor to regular AC to defrost. Another lie.

The idle is now a bit rough... perhaps from the new manifold gasket as the advance was set up with a small vacuum leak.

The bill about 800.00 for nothing. This used to be a good shop when Jeff was running it but now all employees are
changed so its a new operation but I think the same owner who has another Ice Cold Air.

Got a follow up call from a lady asking how the service was. I told her as above and she said the owner would call and talk to me. Lady owner apparently. Never received a call 10 days later. Needless to say I can't go back there again.

Jan 14, 2015

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