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I. A. B. Concepts / Direc TV / Smart Circle / Payment Lies

1 120 North Washington Avenue #805, Lansing Kalamazoo, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 616-589-6598

This job is a scam. They tell you will get paid an hourly wage but, that is not true. Everything you get paid on your hourly wage has to be repaid through your commission of sales. You could make $1000 dollars in commission and actually receive no paycheck because the manager of this company took all your money. I was told only a small amount would be taken out of my paycheck each time to cover the hourly rate that must be repaid. This was not true almost my entire check was taken out. I was expecting to receive a thousand dollars and instead got three hundred. I hate this company and the way they do business. It is a scam and is not a good place to work. Everyone that works for this company is brain washed into thinking they will be the next boss so people are constantly fighting each other and stabbing each other in the back so that they can get ahead of each other. This company and its managers do nothing but lie and steal which leads me to believe that is nothing but a scam job. I hope this helps people stay away from this job do not waste your time.

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      1st of Mar, 2011
    I. A. B. Concepts / Directv / Smart Circle - Horrible work environment and lying managers
    I.A.B. Concepts
    120 North Washington Avenue #805
    United States
    Phone: 616-589-6598/ 616-337-0971

    The manager lies and tells you things that will make you want to work hard only so he can make money off of your hard work. After your hard work when you expect to get paid the manager Pete Naer then takes most of your pay and says you owe it to him for giving you the opportunity to make the money in the first place. This guy lies and cheats his way into every deal he has ever made. I do not understand how a guy can live a successful life this way. He treats everyone like they are nothing and then expects everyone to give him respect. I hope this guy gets what is coming to him and has his business banned from this state and any others he decides to do business in. I also hope that this comment helps people to understand the real business concept behind IAB Concepts. Lie, Cheat and steal from its customers and employees all so one guy can make more money.

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