Hydra Skin Sciences / unethical behaviour/stated macys was closing and sending free samples on facebook

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Ad on Facebook saying 68 Macy's stores were going out of business and giving away free samples of cosmetics, just had to pay shipping.Clicked on site and Allegro came up as my sample, never heard of it but put in my CC number. Changed my mind and backed out of the site. Got an email saying my two samples were sent out. Called them and said I didn't complete the screens and didn't want any products. Said too late had to mail them back and pay for shipping again and a 29.00 restocking fee. Also said if I don't cancel with a tracking number by March 18th I'll be charged 109.00 per product. I called back 3/9 and girl was nicer but all she could do was apologize.

Mar 09, 2017
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  • Re
      Mar 29, 2017

    I saw the same ad on Facebook! I ordered the day and night serum samples - in the payment process the form asked about paying another 4.99 to add the Allegra cream, which I declined- actually checked "no" but it charged me twice and sent it. At the time, it said NOTHING about any trial period or added fees. I thought, oh well, what's another $5? So I got the 'full sized samples ' as offered and thought nothing more about it until my bank contacted me a couple weeks later to tell me further charges of over $200 were trying to be charged to my account and questioned that charge. I tried to call them and they just kept saying I'd agreed to the trial period and a monthly charge!!! NOT!!! Had to cancel my card!

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  • Pa
      Apr 02, 2017

    @Renee Lormand Oliver Same thing happened to me! I'll be cancelling my card on Monday! Ticks me off that people can do this!

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  • An
      Apr 27, 2017

    @Renee Lormand Oliver Yep, same here. One free sample of Allegro for 4.95 S&H. That was to be it. Then they charged me another same amount for some other 'free' sample that I never received. Then came the $103 and $109 charges to the bankcard. I also checked out the FB ad and it said NOTHNG about any additional charges, trial periods or subscriptions. When I called they gave me the run around. I asked 'Jack Anderson' how he could sleep at night and that he ought to be ashamed of himself. He kept wanting me to return things I never received and refused to reimburse for the unauthorized charges. Have filed with BBB and attorneys general. They need to close this outfit down.

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  • Ni
      Apr 13, 2017

    This just happened. I didn't order anything either, after I changed my mind. I did not get a receipt. I originally was ordering that one Allegro cream for free, to pay just shipping and handling. I looked around for any more information, if they were going to charge your card monthly for products. But no, it never said any of that, and I did search. They made me believe that if you like their product, than you can buy their stuff.. No obligation. But that didn't happen either. Today, I got a package, and I was surprise that it came, because I never got a receipt. I checked into my account, they doubled charged me, including their international fees, never ordering anything else. I called, and the guy was talking fast with his english accent, which I asked him to slow down. Confusing me more, after I told him, to removed me from subscription, don't send me anything and reimburse me for items I never paid for. He said it was too late. Then he said, that I must return the item, if I never used it, but must paid for shipping and handling again. I lose out. He was trying to offer me a 30 day trial.. Which that was never part of the agreement in the first place, and I knew right then and there, this was a scam.. So, I said ok, bye... Then I decided to see if anyone was having problems with this, and sure enough, yup.. I just came from the bank and closed down my card, so they can't charge me anything. I told my bank, these people are ripping customers off through their scams. I told them, that I am being charged of items I never got and never ordered. I only got one item. I have an account, that I always keep a small amount on purpose, in case I come across something like this. These people will not get any returns from me, that was never part of the agreement, and they should get sued too. If they want it back, they will have to pay me now. Other than that, it belongs to me. They have no business doing what they are doing.

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  • Co
      May 24, 2017

    Think I just fell for the scam

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  • Ro
      Oct 25, 2017

    The same scam. Going to cancel my Credit Card now.

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  • Bz
      Nov 01, 2017

    @Nilda RG It wasn't Macy's for it was Sears saying that Sears was closing some down stores(Which is true) and they were overstocked in cosmetics so all I needed to pay was $0.98 to receive my package which to be honest I didn't know what I was getting. I was hoping I get some lipstick over eyeshadow or something close to the sort but I got an anti-aging cream Alumiere or something like that and another product Nuviella, which hello I don't need an anti-aging cream for crying out loud. Anyway, I too was given the manager is not available, if you want a refund we can give you the products or 40% of what you paid. I tried to remain calm, after the 4th or 5th call I was livid, there was no manager available ever and to top it off they had the audacity to tell me my bank couldn't do anything about it! WRONG!!! I was supposed to be sent information of the manager that was going to contact me twice, never happened, so I finally decided to call my bank. With my bank credit card security agent we had a conference call with their CS agent. At first they gave the same story, receive the products or get 40% back, I immediately said that it is non-acceptable to me. Then we moved on to ship the so-called trial period products cause I had stated that I had not touched them so I was informed that I would have to pay $20 to ship back each product. Are you kidding me?! Again I stated that was non-acceptable to me, so my security agent proceeded to state that we would file a dispute. Now that ladies caught his ears right away, cause everything was being a one time exception, excuse me but you guys were not even a one time option in the 1st place, the agent immediately said let me speak to my manager and see what we can do. All of a sudden there could be contact with a manager, OMG, so this manager is an actual existing person after all. There after waiting for some time, he came back on the conference call saying, "for a one time exception we reimburse all the money and you can keep the product." I was so mad I was practically in tears, I immediately ask how to return their disgusting scam back to them but my security agent told me to keep the products and ask him for the re-reimbursement information. He sent the emails with the reimbursement confirmation codes and we cut the call with him. So ladies don't be taken for a ride your bank can do something about it and even if they insist you agreed to their terms, let me tell you that never happened you were scammed. Hydra Skin Sciences their company is ripping people off with subscriptions that were never mentioned or agreed upon. Do something about it call your bank and get your money back!!!

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  • Bz
      Nov 01, 2017

    And just FYI this happened to me through an Ad on Facebook too.

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