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I responded to a Facebook posting regarding the closing of several Macy's department stores. Because cosmetics have a "sell by" date, they were being liquidated and offered to customers for postage only. I completed a questionnaire and was offered the anti aging cream. Before ordering, I looked at the website for Allegro and was impressed with the eye cream and exfoliating combo.

So I answered the marketing promo on Facebook and on my own, ordered two more products are their regular price. I was delighted with my free product (customer pays postage) and my combo order was delivered shortly thereafter.

Not long after their delivery, I saw a charge for $103.00 on my credit card. I rang the contact number and was told that I was inadvertently enrolled in some program and products were being billed to me at their total price. I was totally confused having replied to the "free offer" and spending my own money for more of your products. Evidently there was some 14 day "pop up" menu that I did not see or access. Why would I? I had simply responded to an offer for a free sample and order and paid for two more products on my own.

Other products totaling $109.00 have also been sent to me.

This is an appalling "bait and switch" effort on the part of this company. I acted in good faith to an offer and in addition, because I was impressed with your product, I ordered more.

Hundreds of dollars have been charged to my account. I started as a person impressed with a product and have ended as a customer feeling ripped off and cheated.


Christine Lacey

Mar 24, 2017

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