Hydra Skin Scienceshydra allegro and brio skin care - false advertising

People Beware! Shame on Facebook for even allowing this false advertising to be accepted. Like everyone else filing complaints, I purchased the Allegro product and Brio products for $3.95 - not knowing I was signing up for a monthly product delivery program - no documentation was supplied while ordering. I called to cancel after my bank called about a questionable charge of $103.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salt Lake City, UTBefore the second charge of $109 hit my bank account, I called and cancelled both orders and requested a refund. They cancelled my order but instead of refunding me the original $103, they still processed the $109 charge. Now two weeks later I call again, this time they tell me they can only refund me 40% of the charges. My other option is to send back the products and they will refund me all but $20.

May 08, 2017

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