Hydra Skin Sciencesallegro anti aging cream

I ordered this cream in march under the impression that I could get this cream for the shipping of 4.95... Off of face book.. (Big mistake will never order anything off face book every again... Lesson learned) I did receive the cream and there was no paper work or explanation that it would cost me $103.00 either... I do not have this kind of money to spend on cream... My thinking is that I had opened the cream and used some of it (Should not have opened it and would not have if I had gotten paperwork on it and realized what the cost would be).. Received the bill after I had opened and use some of the cream... I felt this was a bad representation of merchandise to be purchase and yes as others have stated false advertisement, but because I had opened and use the product after the fact and then not getting a bill until april and seeing this outrageous cost of 103.00 plus shipping of 4.95.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tuscaloosa, AL I would pay for this one that I have opened but not hardly 2 weeks maybe 3 I just this week have received yet another jar and reading all these complaints... Guess I again will be charged for another 103.00 but I am shipping this one back (Have not opened it) and praying that your company will do the right thing and not charge me yet another 103.00... I will refuse to pay this as well because I am returning the merchandise.
I truly pray that this company will be more up front with what is expected from the buyer and not mislead the customer.. A refund even on the cream that I have would be a gesture of kindness... I have not used but about 4 or 5 finger tips out of the first jar so would gladly return it for a refund
Thank you and
I will be returning the cream in the box it was shipped in along with a letter and charges to my credit card for the first cream I received

May 18, 2017

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