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Hyatt Vacation Club / misleading information when buying

1 Key West, FL, United States Review updated:

Think twice before buying a Hyatt Vacation Club Time Share. They tell you that you can trade your week for other weeks at other Hyatt resorts, but in reality they sell the inventory for cash customers like a hotel, and there is very little or no inventory left to trade for. When you call for a reservation, the agents are very rude and unhelpful, and do nothing to accomodate your request.

In addition, the fees go up every year. You are better off saving your money and getting a hotel room.

Weston, FL

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  • 1b
      19th of Jul, 2010
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    Duh, the rentals they do keep our fees down at Hyatt Sunset Harbor. Try renting a 6 months or a year in advance. Not happening. Also owners are guaranteed the week they own and that guarantee is protected for 6 months before your week. You must work for Marriott or some other competitor.

  • Ke
      15th of Jun, 2014
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    Could not agree more. Hyatt have complete disregard for owners rights. At Hyatt Grand Aspen float points could be used only in 2/3/4 days and Hyatt could not sell single nights but had to sell in same 2/3/4 days system. Now they sell single nights which means they will not release any rooms to float points, and if unsold they will only sell to owners at Developers rate. Float units also virtually impossible to use at other properties, presumably for similar reasons. Every second year can convert float points to Gold Passport points which is useful, but Hyatt refuses to convert other float points to GPP.
    Also required points for Hotels booking increases regularly and conversion value of float points remains unchanged, so you loose again. A very poor investment. I have found to my cost.

  • Le
      18th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I called Hyatt Vacation Club in June to make sure that I was booked for my week at the property I purchased in 2006. I could never understand why I have to book my week every year for room that I supposedly own! It should automatically be booked! I should only have to call if I want to exchange it. Now, they say that I never called and that the window is closed. I called in June. It is now December. So I just lose my week? I OWN IT!!! How can they do this? What was I thinking when I let myself be ripped off by these greedy people? When I purchased this property, it was my full intention to use it to travel to Europe. They said it would be 'EASY'. Well, it was impossible. I was going to use my points to travel throughout Italy, staying a week in each area. Well, I traded my points and then tried to book. I was told that I would have to wait until a week before I needed each room to see if there was any availability. So, I was supposed to take vacation time, fly to Italy and hope that there might be a place to stay? Are they kidding me??? I asked them how I was supposed to plan a vacation like that, and they actually snickered on the phone. After that experience, I decided to cut my losses and just use the property in Key West that I bought. Exchanging was out of the question. Now I can't even go to the room I am supposed to own at the time I'm supposed to own it. They are tossing my points back into that Interval International. They have nothing available EVER, more than a week out. What a rip off.

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