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1 11359 Fascination DriveFrederic, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 989.731.4054

We've been customers with Hughesnet (formerly Direcway) since January 2002 and have been paying $59.99 a month up until January 2008, which is when we upgraded to their $79.99 "Pro Plus" Program. The benefit we looked forward to was having a MUCH faster internet connection (that is if it isn't raining, snowing, foggy or the wind is blowing the wrong way). NO ONE mentioned their "Fair Use Policy" where we can ONLY download 425MG (which is NOTHING--Hughesnet is living in the dark ages!)or they will turn that on and it slows your internet access to DIAL UP speed. You then have to set your alarm clock to wake up at 3am to download any size file you want (and they give you until 6am to finish) even if you are in violation of the Fair Use Policy. Now I can understand if they want to limit downloading of large files, but there is NO reason why our basic internet access that we use to surf slows down to dial up speed for 24 HOURS before they turn it back to normal. That is NOT fair!! What are we paying for!?!

Because we live in an isolated area that doesn't get cable or DSL, they have use held captive. We are moving and when we do, you can be sure that there is NOOO way we will use Hughesnet again!!

The other problem with Hughesnet is that they outsource their Customer Service in the late afternoon's and throughout the night overseas!! They are taking away American's jobs and paying the people in India (and other countries) a fraction of the cost it would be to pay an American. I've worked in the corporate World for many years and understand that outsourcing is a wonderful way to save money and add profit to the bottom line. What I don't understand is why they have to use people who can barely speak English, couldn't solve a problem for you if they had 10 people helping them and are flat out useless when you have a problem. If you happen to call during the day, then you'll get an American and I've never had problems with their knowledge or service, they are great.

People need to know what this company is doing (or should I say not doing) for their customers and it needs to change IMMEDIATELY!!

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  • Sh
      20th of May, 2008
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    I agree with you I have the big busssiness pkg and I cant get even close to the speed that they advertise I pay 188.00 per month for virtualy nothing

  • Ma
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    I think it's absurd when a company doesn't provide a service and yet, won't refund your money for it. If your phone is out for 4 days, the phone company will give you credit for the 4 days. Someone needs to do something about this and the poor service. There are no fast downloads. I would have been better off sticking with my dial up servcie!!! I do plan on writing the FTC who regulates these companies...I hope others will follow suit.

  • Ka
      18th of May, 2009
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    I am in total agreement with this person who wrote this. We live in the country in Montana and were told Hughesnet was the only game in town. I called tonight to complain of the many hours that I cannot access my computer and was told (by someone in the PHILIPPINES) that I was being punished due to using more mega bites or whatever they call it... I just found out about the "FAIR USE POLICY' and asked them if they were serious??? She said it was in my contract and I told her please send me a contract so I can read it, she said I can get it on the internet! I told her, "no I cannot get it on internet because I cannot access it at the moment that is why I was calling!!!"
    Also, we pay $90.00 a month for this lousy internet service, cannot talk to anyone in the USA and can't understand what they are saying half the time. We tried to cancel them after we had the service a couple of months and they sent us a bill for over $800.00 for early termination! I reinstated the service just because I did not want that $800.00 looming over my head. They said it was in my contract, but I never signed a contract because if I had one to read, I would have never gone with Hughesnet... I have asked then several times for a contract to be sent to me, but they tell me to go to Hughesnet customer care online... Online, when I am being punished and cannot use any more time on the internet. They are a ripe off company, horrible service, lousy customer service and they overcharge for their so called internet service. My neighbor has dial up and pays $9.99 a month and has better internet service and access than we do. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as soon as I can get the forms, but gee, can't right now, I am being punished for using over the amount allocated to us for downloads, which includes emails! They told me to use it between 5-6 pm... I told the person on the other end of the line, I am at work and do not get home until after 7pm and I cannot always use the internet because I cannot get ONLINE!!! THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

  • Td
      22nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Couldn't agree any more. So today I call and ask them for help setting up my new modem that we had to lock into another year thing for! First off i get someone who bearly knows a damn lick of english and he talks to me for 2 hours and get nothing done!!! by this point i'm getting pissed because there is no way it should take this long and he transfers me to some other person he tells me to do a bunch of other stuff and gets me no wear as well and he speaks even worse english than the person before. At the end he tells me we have to pay 125 dollars for them to come out and fix the dish but there is no problem with the dish it works fine on my old modem and if it needs to be fixed why and the hell would they charge us 125. It's there fault it doesn't work and I can't speak to someone who knows english. If they don't come out here and fix it i will have them shove this new modem up there ### and the 1 year agreement and cancel our subscription and if we have to take this to court so be it..

  • Tj
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Every since that new modem HN7000S, I have had nothing but problems. My old model worked fine, the old direcway one. They told me I would receive no tech support, If I didn't have the new one. So in the mail came my modem. I was excited about all this new speed they kept talking about. I had nothing but problems. No internet service no e-mail, nothing. I had to buy 2 new cables I received 2 more modems. I had to pay to get a tech to look at it- 125.00...The tech person couldn't fix it. So now I have to jiggle a wire, everytime I want to get on the computer, that is slow as you know what. I can't download anything, I can't send any pictures to my smugmug account. I can't watch any videos. A 2 minute video takes 15 min. to see. By that time, I am so pissed off I can't stand it. Now I have to wait 2 yrs. or I will be charged 300$ to close my account. I can't wait to get rid of hughesnet, I hate it. Oh, and I love those people I talk to at tech support. Can't understand a word they say!!! I had to bump up a plan on my phone bill, because I went over on my minutes. Hughes. net sucks.

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