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Lost power 1/1/2018, didn't have any service until 1/12/2018, and then it was a different network address showing as my connection. Called customer service several times, got so frustrated, they had me in tears. NO ONE could give me an answer, NO ONE could do their job. I was told by Lulu Rogers, customer service rep, in my last call the them, that I would be given credit for days without service, and lo and behold, they took the full amount out of my checking account this morning. NO CREDIT was given, and I still can't connect our cellphones to the wifi. Still have no answer as to why I have a different network address.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mound City, KS The network that is listed on the back of my router is "hug2g475923" and my password that is on the back of my router is "farmer95push", since I lost internet, which was apparently a hughesnet outage in several states, the network that shows up in my connection is "HUGHES_24G" and I don't have a password to that connection, and NO ONE in customer service could help. I have the extra express protection with them, it cost $8 a month, and no one would write up a work order for me to get a new router, with a new network address and new password on the back of it. So, I can't get any cooperation from hughesnet at all. Several calls, chats, and emails, didn't resolve anything. And, I can't get out of my contract. I'm so livid about this. Thank you for filing my complaint. Denise Johnston, 14 Whispering Oaks Dr., Lake Chaparral, Mound City, KS 66056

Feb 01, 2018
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  • Ti
      Jun 20, 2019

    Hey Denise-
    I know your post was a while ago but I had the same problem recently and did a “factory reset” on my modem/wifi. If you push the reset button (you may need a pin to get to it, it’s in the back of the modem) and the WPS button (usually on the front of the modem) at the same time and wait for the lights to go off and then come back on (30 seconds -ish) it will change back to the old network name and your original password will work.

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