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Hughesnet / false advertisement.

1 1823 Castleton RoadDarlington, MD, United States Review updated:

Hughes.Net certainly wins the black ribbon for worst ISP I've ever had the displeasure of using. Upon moving to the somewhat rural area of Darlington, I had to use satellite internet for lack of a better choice. The salesman on the phone outright lied, saying that satellite would be perfect for things such as online gaming and networking with multiple PCs.

To make matters worse, they impose the FAP (The air is thick with puns) which stands for Fair Access Policy, a polite way of saying you can only download 200mb before they throttle you down to speeds that are almost as bad if not worse than Dial-Up, and having to wait 24 hours for it to "restore." However, in the end, there's nothing you can do if you lack better options, and Hughes.Net no doubt thrives on this sort of monopoly over rural internet users.

Armstrong Cable and Verizon also provide painfully close to my home, literally a short walk up the road, this could warrant whole new complaints about these companies on how they seem to have simply abandoned the 1800 block of the street and skipped over to the next road for no apparent reason. Simply, I am in a Bermuda Triangle of Telecommunications.

Although it is partly my fault for not researching as well as I should have, the thought did not occur to me, and many others, that an ISP could impose such ludicrous limits.

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  • So
      31st of Dec, 2009
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    Yes! has been a great dissapointment, can't get Outlook e-mail to work, their tech support is just terriable to say the least. Very dissatisfied.
    I have some $477.47 into their equipment and can't get things to work, and now I suspose they think to hold me to a two year contract!?
    Isn't there some way to claw back and get rid of the "service"?

  • Li
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    We've got the same problem. We've been dealing with Hughesnet for years now, from before they went loco and started dealing the harsh 24 (more like 26) hour punishment period for going over their ridiculous limit.

    Funny thing is, we didn't even know about the FAP until I went in and did some digging. In addition to that, I had to snoop around even more to find out exactly what that limit was, and only today found a page that tells us what we've used so far.

    Trust me, this company would've gone out of business a long time ago if half of us had any choice. Personally I'd rather go back to dial up than deal with these jokers any more. It'd probably be faster in the long run (During their FAP period, speeds drop down to less than 1/3 the speed of dialup. At least you'd be able to actually download something, though!).

    It's just a scam to get you to shell out more money for a higher cap. Unfortunately, even after a bunch of research, I can't seem to find any alternative other than dial up.

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