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Hughesnet / the intire company

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Well its a terrible same I did'nt read these thousands of conplaints before I became, another victim of Huges net hell.
Huges makes corp. america look like kindregarten.
God help us if corp.america ever get's that bad.
I think it's nothing but theift by deception, u never get a straight answer from their complaint department. They try to send you to their technical department. What a joke, I ask this tech if he really was a tech, well he hem hawed around the question. He ask me to to rediculess things and when I told him I'd already been there and done that, this bozo tell's me to run speed checks for the next three days and to do them three times a day, unlike the last tech person I had talked to the lastime I'd called who said to do it for two days. (to keep you off their back i guess). Oh I might add this person was not good with the english language, India I would guess his home, as all their techs and customer service rep's are. Some more out sourcing the gentle words would be ( cost effectiveness ).
These people that work for Hughes as rep's and tech's must have a degree in lying and word trickery...and must not have trouble sleeping at night. Amazing what people will shrink to to earn a dollar.
Well I would'nt say your a dummy if you read this and still fall for their many games of getting your money, and if you add it up in a two year contract it's a tidy little sum. Not to mention the brain damage that goes with it.
I won't go into the cost as many of the people that have already mentioned in this forum, as it sickens me to think about it, but if your the type of person that likes to get a slap in the face to your intelligents, then you need to sign a contract with the money hungry liars and thiefs. If their is a God these people are in danger of Hell's fire. (personally I don't think so.) Beware of Huges net. the owner is most likeky the anti-christ. :)
Oh and one more thing go to the web page listed here and read. there could be a class action law suit. Read this.
Your Welcome...last thing said on hughes

DirecPC must remove their "Fair Access Policy"

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  • To
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    i think i will go back to phone modem.i never know from day today what the speed will took me 5 min just to get to this site.what a rip time i will try something that works

  • Ti
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Hughes Net - LIARS AND THIEFS
    United States

    I have never been treated like this! These men that you have to talk to treat you like you are nothing because you are a woman, well guess what I am something!!! It took me 30 minutes just to pay my bill over the phone yesterday because the man kept saying that it did not need to be paid. Then today is even worse I have went over my download limit so now my computer is slower than dial up!! So after an hour on the phone with some jerk that will not transfer me to a Supervisor, all he wants to do is let me use some TOKEN that will let me start over on my limit for TODAY ONLY, I tell him NO, I asked to just tell me how much it will cost to just cancel my contract so I finally get transferred to a woman. She is in the middle of fixing my problem ( without being hateful or treating me badly) and we get disconnected so I call back and they refuse to transfer me to her even though I have her information, they also refuse to transfer me to a Supervisor again, they argue that they can help you, they repeat the same thing over and over again and they act like because I am an AMERICAN that I am stupid. I asked again the cancellation price, So they put me on hold for over ten minutes before I am disconnected again, So I call back tell the woman she cant help me let me talk to a Supervisor, and again I am told no, she informs me that she is looking at my account so I should just let her take care of it, 15 minutes later nothing, for the third time I ask for the cancellation price, finally they transfer me to a supervisor and she can't do anything either. She tells me that I am able to use it today because I have USED my one free TOKEN because even though I told that first man NO he still used it. So For the forth time I ask how much it will cost to cancel my service, how much is the early termination fee, this supervisor is trying everything to just not tell me, she is giving me free tokens and everything, after i am so PISSED because no will tell me anything she finally tells me. The way that I went about buying my equipment used (so I could have the older model because I travel) that I HAVE NO CONTRACT AND THERE IS NO FEE!!! They didn't want to tell me because they wanted me to think I was obligated to keep this service. The plan I have is the bid plan over $100.00 plus I paid 275.00 the day of installation, and I paid for my equipment. These people are ### who want to take your money and not provide a relable service!!

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