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L Nov 25, 2017

I have had your wifi service for 7 or 8 months now and it has been working well with some slowness until now. Now this month (the new month has been on for About a week today is 11/25/17) it's basically completely slow it will not stream one episode of Netflix it will load internet pages extremely slowly its just practically useless and I'm not throttled this is the data that I paid for. There had been some poor weather in the past but it's never caused this much slowness to the point where there's absolutely no full episode being watched all day. I feel as though I shouldn't have to pay $100 for internet that works less effectively than when it's throttled. I would like to see it fixed and running properly. We have our Netflix turned down to stream at 0.3 gigs per hour the lowest you can. I also rebooted, unplugged and reset web acceleration, tried solutions presented on your website and nothing solved the problem. Not sure what information you might need so here's these
SAN: DSS33946174
ESN: [protected]
Diagnostic Code: [protected]

My email is [protected] and I have no phone service here at my home. I rely on HughesNet to provide me with wifi which I use to make calls and such. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear back soon.


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