SUBMIT A COMPLAINT for refund and no one is answering

I got the below message from

"Dear Motasim Billah,
You have applied for the position Maintenance Manager
Thank you. Our team will start contacting employers in 15 minutes about your job applications. We work very hard to get you job offers with top employers
You will receive an email from us shortly about your job applications and the status from employers
If your applications are accepted by the employers, you will have to activate your account
Lucian De Freitas
Senior Manager"
Then i activate my account by paying 85 CAD dollars (fully nonrefundable according to now it has been more than four months and i did not get a single interview call. I have decided to apply for the refund and no one is responding it looks a scam to. My opinion is to avoid this website.

Feb 25, 2018

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