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Dear Sir /Madam,
I hereby appeal for HELP..
I Renuka Sheth an Architect; from India hold respectable senior level position. I was looking for a job in UAE for better prospects and my lure to learn architectural technology in Dubai and came across following website
I sent my resume to them initially, and they gave prompt response saying there is many suitable vacancies for undersign and have received 78 hits from employers, but my detail application will be forwarded to the employers, subject to I pay 85 Canadian refundable deposit . I after that kept on receiving payment demand notice, saying employer are interested in my profile but my contact details will be forwarded once I enroll with “Dubai Jobs” by paying requisite fees.

It was mentioned/ committed in their service that after paying requisite fees “We can simply go to the ( jobs ) page of the website, whichever job we are interested in, simply click on the ( Apply ) button, Dubai Jobs will then reply to us in 1- 2 days”. It was also mentioned that if we do not get job money will be refunded back in 6 months.

Undersign hence paid requisite fees as under on 8th July.

Transaction Time: Jul 08, 2014 09:39 AM
Gateway ID: 12816
Receipt Number: [protected].41A4
Sales Order Number: 14299
Transaction Type: eCommerce
Authorization Code: 369727

Billing Information

Company (Optional): renuka sheth

Card Type:
Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx0008

Order Details

Code Quantity Description Unit Price Subtotal
001 1 Processing/Service Payment ( International Candidates ) 85.00 85.00
Canadian Dollar Total 85.00

After that I applied to many openings almost +25 nos., and my application is almost on verge of completing a month, but have not got single response from “ Dubai Jobs “ on status of my application nor any direct response from the employer, though Dubai Jobs were supposed to respond in 2 days on status. On checking with them over email many times why they are not responding ? in vain NO REPLY, until I wrote to them, if they do not respond undersign, will have to take appropriate legal action. On this I received threatening, abusive reply from Rory of Dubai Jobs as under highlighted in RED colour

1) if you want to go war, then we will also

2) we will file your name with the UAE immigration and the UAE embassy

3) your name will go into the UAE recruiters network with a red flag ( for ALL employers in the UAE to star away from you

4) then we will let our lawyers file a lawsuit in the UAE courts against your name


I was surprised on this mail, he is not even bothered to solve my query, on why after making payment they are not responding ? and with above mail he is openly threatening me so that I don’t ask any question on why they are not responding to my application if they had many openings for me? I tried calling them but in vain.

Sir, It’s my earnest request to verify on their website ”ABOUT US “ Page and pl view their service commitment .

I hereby; earnestly request your good self to HELP undersign to recover her money as I cannot wait for 6 months with no update on my application status nor any movement on my registered Id created by them. Further please check on their authentic existence so that they cannot do wrong to other candidate.




  • Ab
    Abhinash Jaiswal Jul 17, 2016

    Renuka ji you're right i payed 85 USD not canadian dollar on october 2015 but till now i didn't get any job, they are not refunding my money as they commited. i e-mail they more than 50 times but no buddy solved my issue now i came to know that i lost my money so i move on because for INR 5500 no buddy will go dubai for recovery and its true that every single Dubai placement consultancy is becomes fraud.

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  • La
    larry10 Oct 18, 2017

    @Abhinash Jaiswal is a top employment service in Dubai, i have used them, many of my friends have used them, we have never ever has issues with the company, as a matter of fact, i intended to use them very soon again for my new job search in Dubai, i believe most of the people posting bad reviews may not speak English properly so they cannot pass interviews or their resumes are bad
    Larry Bolles
    United Kingdom

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  • Va
    Vampire25 May 24, 2017

    Biggest lesson for you guys is to please apply your mind before sending money for such bogus placement and travel agencies, whose main mode of attracting job desperate people like you is by asking money, ( no matter it may sound to you guys back then )
    guys, been in gulf for few years, my own experience says that never ever pay for such fraud agencies who claim money...remember, if you really got SKILLS, then no one will charge you...especially a third party.
    n to miss Renuka, do u have any idea what your qualification really leads to, here in gulf.. u got potential miss...don't argue with them..their laws are in arabic code n u may land in trouble if i guess wanna fight to court..

    anyways good luck to you people here
    always use brain before believing such bogus job offers here in internet...
    A well wisher

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  • La
    larry10 Oct 18, 2017 is a top employment service in Dubai, i have used them, many of my friends have used them, we have never ever has issues with the company, as a matter of fact, i intended to use them vert soon again for my new job search in Dubai, i believe most of the people posting bad rebores may not speak English properly so they cannot pass interviews or their resumes are bad
    Larry Bolles
    United Kingdom

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  • Si
    simithomas Dec 07, 2017 was considered my first choice when i started looking for a new job in Dubai, there were many websites, however, that fact that i can speak to someone in their office, made all the difference for me, i called and they would give me great hope, i was in a desperate situation, i was in Dubai with no job, within 2 weeks, i have 2 job offers, it was amazing for me, this is now 2 months later, I'm happy here in Dubai and i thank the Dubaijobs, net team for helping me is such a desperate time in my life


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  • Te
    Teeboy Mar 27, 2018

    @simithomas You are part of them, your write up is to desive the unsuspecting public. SCAM helping SCAMERS

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  • Mi
    mikeross100 Dec 11, 2017

    I have worked with dubaijobs, net for my job search, recently transferred to the new office in Dubai, and it was the best decision I ever made. The growth opportunity coupled with the fun, hard working environment, and the ability to make as much money as you want is like no other job I have ever had. i was a member for about 5 months, but it with worth the money and my time, i did get great job offers in a timely manager, good job portal, thank dubaijobs, net staff

    Mike ross

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  • As
    Ashraf Arabi Jan 19, 2018

    Dear sir,

    If they did anything to you just conact the Electronic commerce police here and they can close their jobs all here, this site is a spam to theaf money from people, just send the thretain email to any government side here, there is roles here it's number 1 safe country in the world, no one can pass the law in UAE, as well everyones rights are saved carfully, UAE is protecting our rights since 25 years here as a Syrian living here.

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  • Ji
    jill garcia May 02, 2018

    I really enjoyed working with, as I'm from new york, i was excited to head off to work in dubai for a few years, they website offered many job openings that suited me and may executive positions listed, my goal was to be working in dubai for a few years hen come back to the USA, so far so good thanks guys, Jill Garcia

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  • Du
    dubai28 Jun 06, 2018

    it seems that they are scam and that the positive reviews are all sent from the same ip address which means they are the ones to write them, please call them or visit their office before paying

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  • Am
    Amir B Jun 11, 2018

    Employers would never want money to process the things. Secondly, these crazy people working with Dubai might be biggest scammers on the planet earth.
    They sent me the same type of email that employer has chosen my resume and I need to pay 85 Canadian dollars to activate my account. Instead of paying, I just searched in Google about the falsehood of and it is a fake website, fabricating lies. Don't lose your money. Look people I have worked in UAE for 2 years as a doctor and employers, companies etc do not need our money.

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  • Ol
    Olufemi Taiwo Alase Jul 17, 2018

    Thank God I never Paid, I got same mail today telling me my cv as hit 1789, I was surprised but I do play due diligence, can't fall to scanners, I need money that was why I needed job how will I pay again

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  • Od
    odunayo Apr 17, 2019

    @Olufemi Taiwo Alase Dear brother,
    We 9ja no dry carry last oo, i for fall set b4 i borrow myself sense

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  • Vi
    Victoria201 Aug 16, 2018

    I paid this people $85 because they promised that they will refund my money once they are not able to get a job post for me but I have not gotten any encouraging message from them since I make the payment, messages I keep getting from them is to make payment again. I want my money back, can I still get my refund from them? Please help me out

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  • Ha
    habibullah Peer mohammed Aug 16, 2018

    1st of all thank you for giving the complaints in ths website...u r all mentioned in this complaint website all r crt...tq for saved me from tht trap...

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  • Mi
    Mijo Mijo Aug 20, 2018

    Its a scam and fraud website, they reply within minutes of your application that you have lots of employers interested in you and want to hire you, and you need to pay 85 $ to continue your application. Once you pay its game over they never contact you back and say good bye to your money.

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  • Le
    lemmy 200 Oct 14, 2018

    hello, our experience was pretty good, and its my responsibility to write my review about, i got interviews and passed the interviews, so as far as i am concerned, they dud their job for me, i cannot speak for others however my situation was done with professionalism by their company

    Lenny Defery

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  • An
    AnonymousJobHunter Feb 26, 2019

    Please don't believe all these fake positive reviews. This is completely a scam. After applying (I haven't paid) they keep sending me mail that my cv received 447 hits and I should pay. After 15 emails in one day I replied just saying "scammers" and this is their reply to me.
    What real company calls someone illiterate?

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  • Ta
    talulateena Mar 06, 2019

    They are total fraudsters. I told them I'm not comfortable making this payment because it sounds like a scam, and they called me a scammer instead. Pathetic.

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Manuvel Jul 07, 2019

    This is real or fake??

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  • Wa
    Waseem khan md Sep 23, 2019

    Plz refund my money

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