HSA Home Warranty / gas boiler

Oaks, PA, United States
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Friday 2:00pm Gas Boiler No Heat Condition. Home is 49 degrees. Friday 3:00pm Contact HSA, Create a Service Request. A Heating Company 45minutes away calls and indicates they do not work on Boilers.
I Contact Customer Service. Was on Hold for 40minutes. While on hold a Reputable Heating Company (Not associated with HSA) indicate they can come out immediately. Customer Service can not authorize without a Vendor ID.
5:11pm The Customer Service Agent Contacts another Heating Company. They are 80minute drive from my home. Through my questions Cust. Serv. indicate the Company has 48 hours to contact me which does not include Saturday or Sunday.
I reiterate that "it is 37 degrees each night, high of 41 degrees and the Company may not contact me until Tuesday to address any Heating issues". Customer Service-"That's Right". I wouldn't let my pet suffer for 5 days in 37 degree temperatures, let alone my family. Cust. Serv. Indicates that I should not expect a call before Monday from Heating Company. I asked if this sounded reasonable? Cust. Serv. indicated that they understood but can not change policy. If the temperature were to be less than 32 degrees they could authorize immediate service.
I am disappointed. The Phone system is horrible. Don't attempt to call while commuting and expect to easily get through to a person. I would not recommend HSA Warranty. I will not be a repeat customer. I would be satisfied if they reimbursed me for the Service Call which I will pay out of pocket as we are not waiting until Next week to determine which component is defective in order to warm our home.

Oct 26, 2018

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