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Howard Lee Schiff / Attorney General needs to Shut this Company DOWN NOW

1 United States

I don't understand why the Attorney General has not shut this company down, but I do feel that all complaints to her office go on deaf ears! This Collection Agency by the name of Howard Lee Schiff needs to be Stopped! We had three (3) credit cards charged off by HSBC after contacting HSBC the would not work with us. We received notification by US Mail from this Collection agent in which I sent Certified return receipt "Request for Validation" which we never received. Instead they evidently went to court without notifying us and got a default judgement on two of the cards. Within two days last week we got a Sheriff's Capias Warrant and the following day a Sheriff's Levy on our home. We have a Homestead on our home but I am being told that they Sheriff can still go after my home for the $800.00 debt, my husband did go to court on the warrant but when he showed the "Request for Validation" they continued the date but the Sheriff's Dept is saying they will levy our home in the two weeks. SO basically this doesn't make sense at all. Not sure what we are going to do can't get a loan because of the Judgements and I still don't have the money. What I don't understand is what makes these collection people think that people have this money now. I wish some Big Law Firm would go after this company and shut them down for good. I really wish Atty General Coakley would investigate this company and its practices! SHe needs to shut them down, they aren't even licensed to collect in Mass, but that doesn't seem to matter.

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