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Law Offices Howard Lee Schiff Complaints & Reviews

Law Offices Howard Lee Schiff / Lack of Info and lots of hardship

Sep 19, 2016

I received a notice to appear in court 9-26-16 in 4th District Court, State of RI, Washington County, IN RI, Wakefield R.I. were I am facing a Motion for Summary Judgment over an alleged bill. I have never heard of this law firm who represents Portfolio Recovery Association, LLC; I have no...

Howard Lee Schiff / A settlement complaint

Jul 08, 2016

Howard Lee Schiff law has been stalking me for over a year about a bill that I didn't make when I was notified I went to the court house to find out what was going on. Im now dealing with the courthouse in regards to this judgment that started out at $450 a year later it is now $1600 with...

Howard Lee Schiff / fraud

Oct 11, 2013

In 2006 i was taken to court for a debt. 1600 owed for a cell phone bill. It went to collection with palasades in nj. I paid this bill off due to i couldn't get approved for a mortgage. It is now 2013 and this attorney put a lien on my house for non payment.i called the schiff group...

Howard Lee Schiff / debt

Jan 17, 2012

I was pulled into court by Howard Lee Schiff for money I owed to a credit card company. Being out of work and not collecting made my options slim but I agreed to pay $10 a month. I guess that wasn't good enough for them because six months later I was back at court to fight against the...

Howard Lee Schiff P.C. / Iillegal garnishment

Dec 26, 2011

I have already been to court to have a lien removed from my home. The judge ruled in my favor for many reasons, among them are incorrect addresses, dates, names, falsified records and the fact that this is a debt from my ex, now deceased from 1997, and that the home I am in was inherited...

Law Offices Howard Lee Schiff, P. C. / Fraud / scam

Oct 04, 2011

DON T LET THEM SCARE YOU! On Sept. 30 I received the following SCAM letter, word for word, from LAW OFFICES HOWARD LEE SCHIFF, P.C. 10 Dorrance St. Suite 515 Providence RI ; RE: Palisades Collection, LLC v. me, docket #, our file # Dear _____, By failing to apper at the citation hearing...

Howard Lee Schiff P.C. / Lien on House

Jun 05, 2011

They were chasing me for a hospital bill that was a duplicate (in error by the hospital). Rather than bothering to contact me and learning that it was an error on the part of the hospital they started harassing my wife and put a lien on my house that I had to pay $55 to have taken off...

Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff / Fraud

May 09, 2011

This lawfirm represents Capital One. They do not properly validate debts and proceed with collection activity and lawsuits against you after they are unable to prove anything. They will not verify or confirm they have been assigned the account. They demand money far in excess of what they...

Howard Lee Schiff / identity theft

Mar 15, 2011

on feb 8, 2010 i was served a summons to go to court that howard lee schiff was representing ge money bank for a credit card debt that wasnt mine as i had never applied nor recieved anything. this was the first i ever heard of this. never a bill or notice or anything, but how could i i...

Howard Lee Schiff PC / SCAM ARTIST

Mar 03, 2011

This is the worst bunch of people that I have ever had to deal with. We had a Bernie's (GE Money) account sent to Bernie's because they messed up the contract. Even though we were making our payments, they were not being credited to the account properly. It was a 12 month...

Howard Lee Schiff / Attorney General needs to Shut this Company DOWN NOW


I don't understand why the Attorney General has not shut this company down, but I do feel that all complaints to her office go on deaf ears! This Collection Agency by the name of Howard Lee Schiff needs to be Stopped! We had three (3) credit cards charged off by HSBC after contacting...

Law offices of Howard lee schiff, P.C. / misleading communications


i received 2 letters from the company . i on june 23rd 2010 that stated that i am offered to pay a settlement of 60% of the amount due in a lump sum before july 23rd, 2010 or i can pay the 70% of the settlement in 3 months of july 23, august 23, and sept 23rd. The other letter is stated...

Howard Lee Schiff / collection on debt


Howard lee schiff has been nothing but a pain in my side. I had agreed to a payment plan with them through my settlement company and am on payment #3 and this people are calling my house all the time saying they are trying to collect on my debt.. I have documents from both my settlement...

Howard Lee Schiff PC / debt collection


They sent us a letter stating that they were representing a company called midland funding stating we owed them 13, 000 both shciff and midland funding both appear to be total sleaze operations. We called and got the run around they would not tell us what it was regarding or who we owed or...

HOWARD LEE SCHIFF,P.C / FRAUD dept collections


my complaint with this group is they are nothing but crooks in suits. they sent me a letter saying they were trying to collect on a dept that was written off as bad dept. this dept was also over 10 years old. the schiff group then informed me of a court action against me and that i need to...

Howard Lee Schiff law offices / service


The so called customer service is something less to be desired, horrible, horrible. I called to try and find out about anything that involves my so called case..without any resolution at all! The person who answered the phone was very, very rude and unprofessional and sounded like i wa...

Howard Lee Schiff / Debt Collection


I have HAD IT with these people! I was unfairly and deceptively scared into signing a judgment with these ###, I was not informed that I had the right to dispute the debt (which I believe they are required to do by law) was told that I did not want to waste the courts time and could go to...

Howard Lee Schiff PC / Harassment


I have been dealing with this company for over six months. They are some shell debt collection company trying to collect a debt under the guise of some dead lawyers name, Howard Lee Schiff, PC. I have tried to resolve this matter in an affable manner, however I have been greeted by rude...

Atty Howard Lee Schiff / Took more money and refused to help


I wouldn't normally go this far as to write something online regarding a company. However, these rotten, ruthless individuals had me over a barrel in the beginning of the year and I'm still seathing over it. Due in part to the fact that they appear to be untouchable. I contacted...

Howard Lee Schiff / Unauthorized billing


They just took out of my account $730.00 without sending me a note, leaving my family in the dark, without lights or food. This was my two weeks salary. They said that they don't have to let me know anything. That it is my responsibility to keep up with my balances. They were very...

Howard Lee Schiff P.C. / Fraud and scam!

I was shocked when I read about the 'Schiff' crew in Jonesys post. They did the same thing to me a couple of months ago. They sent me papers saying they were going to put a lien on my house for a credit card bill. I was very upset and frantic. I called the debt consolidation...