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Houzz has provided the worst customer service I've ever experienced. The department was unresponsive to calls & emails for days. When contact was finally made with a specific customer service rep there was no follow through on the issue. After weeks of attempting to contact customer service, Houzz took it upon themselves to close the case/complaint without my knowledge.
Houzz can be a great resource for ideas but do not purchase producs through them. There are better deals online with companies that do provide excellent customer service.

Aug 09, 2017
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  • Iv
      Jun 05, 2018


    If you purchase an item, be sure you open immediately. I purchased a bird playpen from Houzz. It arrived in January 2018, My house had sustained horrible flooding during Hurricane Irma. The whole downstairs had to be gutted. All of the items in the garages and sheds were destroyed. Our renovation was supposed to be completed in January, however, due to delays associated with the flooding, the renovations were not completed until April. We are still trying to get the furniture, blinds, drapes etc. installed. We put together the playpen, and found it arrived damaged. We contacted Houzz. It took them a week to get back to us, and we had to send them pictures of the damage, and explain why it took so long to open the item. We had to send multiple emails to two separate divisions advising why we took so long to open the item and put it to together.

    Houzz, after a week and a half, advised that due to the time it took to open the defective product, they could only refund 20% of the original paid for item, $27.19.

    So now, because of them sending a damaged item, Houzz will only refund 20% of the original purchase price, or $27.19.

    Buyer beware. These large companies down care about your natural disaster...

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