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House And Home / extremely bad customer service

1 Cape Town, South Africa Review updated:

I would like to complaint about the bad customer service i have recieved from the area manager Mrs Naomi Kruger, who puts the phone down im ny face while i am trying to explain my situation to her. She was very disrespectfull when she spoke with me and the maner she spoke was very degrading as if i am stupid. The Brange manager Eugene on N1 City House and home does not know how a contract work as he have told me time and time again. He canot explain to a customer what will happen when you cancel an excisting contract as he does not know. I have problems now that i expect of them to resolve if they would have done there jobs properly and not scam customers into geting more money out of them. I am very unhappy about this as i want to pay my account but even the people at Rainbow finance are unable to assist me, as i have to speak with a manager that is incompotant. Mrs Kruger is no different as what she did to me today is a direct reflection of how her staff treat there customers. I anm discusted with theis store and would not recommend any body to buy there again.

Jan 29, 2014
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  • Ru
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    House & Home - Advertising in bad faith
    House & Home
    United States

    On the 23rd September 2009 House and Home advertised on National Television that the prices of their DSTV decoders are R299, there were no other conditions attached to this, on the 24th September 2009 I visited the branch in Newcastle were i was informed by the sales lady and she informed me that the purchasing of the decoder for R299.00 is subject to the purchasing of a thousand rand installation voucher, I told the sales lady that was not what was advertised on the television and that there was no mention of this, she then called the manager who told me that he had not seen the advert on television so he cant say anything, the sales lady agreed with me as she had seen the same advert, the manager took down my contact details and said he would contact me as the special is till the 27th September 2009, it is now the 28th September and I have heard nothing.

  • Sf
      3rd of May, 2011
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    House & Home - Baby trolleys are a pain
    South Africa

    I purchased a Freezer from a House & home Store in East London in February 2011, its May allready and have not receiced delivery of my freezer yet.When i speak to the manager at the store i get more excusess then service or delivery.My opinion it is the worst store to buy any furniture from.

  • Am
      27th of Mar, 2014
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    Good day, I would like to lodge a complaint against House and Home Witbank, Saveways. I have bought a couch in November 2012 and six (6) months down the line the couch started peeling off or rather tearing. I started complaining from then and each time was told by Roelien Swart that they are still busy negotiating with the supplier and they will get back to me and the frustration is that she did not have the decency to phone me, I alwayshad to phone or go between my lunch break to the branch to see her. At some point (when I went to the branch) she did not even have my documentation anymore, she had to ask me the same information over and over again. She the went on to tell me that they cannot do anything about the couch because the "supplier" says I must be using strong chemical to clean the couch. I told her that they can take the couch to the lab and have it tested for any chemical as I have not, bot even once used any sort of chemical on it. She said she will get back to AGAIN! Months passed with no feedback, I went to the branch again and found that she was pregnant and she told me that she was going on maternity leave and a Charmaine Kamper will take over from her. I had contact with Charmaine who had assisted me with such excellent service. She got back to me each time she promised she would. She went to arranged that someone come to my house and take pictures of the couch and later called to say the manager says he'll he taking over from there. Ben van Linden (I think that's his surname) - he is the manager there, would take over and assist me further. This was about three (3) months back that he took over my case and he has never, not even once did he phone me back to give me feedback. I have left several messages for him with different people at the branch and he had NOT, NEVER called me back. Each time I do get hold of him, he would apologise and say he'll call him within ten minutes, he never would call.

    I am still sitting with a torn couch which I've reported f months from the time I've bought it and I am very unhappy with the service of the two people of that branch - the manager himself. I would appreciate if someone can get back to me, it is frustrating to pay for something which we are not happy about.

    Thank you and regards,

    Amanda -E-mail: Cell: 0721882472

  • We
      18th of Aug, 2015
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    Hi i am mrs jooste would like to lay a complaintt against house and home Richards bay i am behind on my payment the fist one not my fault but i owe them 1500 but am paying them every month they want me to pay more and i cant affored it my payment is 544 and now thwy keep on calling and forching me to make extra payment while i told them it will not be posible thw goods a bought did not even had the screws so i had to 9make a nother plan to fix it and one of my chairs did not come with a pillow they arw disrespectfull towards therw clients and are arresting me on the phone and at home please ask them to stop

    Mrs Jooste 0733745525

  • Fi
      24th of Aug, 2016
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    House & Home - Delivered damaged fridge
    House & Home
    United States

    I bought LG fridge cash, at House & Home Raslow branch, January 27th, after I have paid R200 for my fridge to be delivered by House & Home, which is about 4 blocks away from the shop, only to find that it was damaged upon delivery...on the 1 February 2010. I have no idea where this happened and it breaks my heart that I now have to write motivation letters to the powers that be to motivate this. It’s alleged that I arranged a private delivery, how can I if I have already paid for it. All I was advised is that the fridge will be collected from another store. I request that I am fully refunded for my fridge as I have ran out of patience on this matter, I do not wish to get another unit from you as I have lost faith in you store. I have been accused, lied to, send from pillar to post, told to write letters and motivations of my statements by Selvin Reddy like I am the one who is at fault. The only mistake I made is to go to House & Home and pay cash for a fridge and delivery thereof; I wonder if I would have received the same treatment if I bought the fridge under HP?

  • As
      24th of Aug, 2016
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    House & Home - Baby trolleys are a pain
    House & Home
    United States

    This morning, we put our baby into the comfy chair attached to a trolley in the Hyperarma with the intention of doing shopping while baby was securely seated! We did our shopping and then proceeded to the home section of the store, where security stopped us, and told us were not allowed to proceed with the trolley with the chair any further! So, our choice was to unload the trolley into a trolley without a seat, and dump our baby in the front section of the trolley, unsecured, when he can barely sit on his own, or we could just not go any further. What is the point of the baby chair trolleys, if you limit your shoppers scope when using them???? Security obviously laughed at my question as to what he expected us to do with the baby should we not be able to proceed with the seated trolley... but he was just doing what he is told to do which if management used their heads, would realise, seems rather stupid!

    this is pathetic, and certainly the last time I ever shop there! Clearly you dont really want shoppers with children shopping in your home section!!!

  • Le
      19th of Jul, 2018
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    i would like to add how bad the service was that i experience ... i was in tears in the store the only people that will always help and willing is Simone&Nonny . The Manager at Roodepoort left the store without handing over to the new store where i was promised that my couches would be master guard, it was told that not to worry it will be sorted out i get to the store that I had to pay almost 800 rand to master guard the lounge suite, day light robbbery i am so angry with this still the couches were damage at the back ... I send my daughter to the store as I had 2 funeral mu brother was killed and fiance so this put a lot of strain on me . I never had so much bad experience in my life at House&home Roodepoort !!!

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