Hotwireunsafe/unsanitary lodging provided/missing refund

05/27/2018-reserved a Hotwire deal, via my mobile app, for a room in Southfield, MI (A Victory Hotel) and when we accessed the room, it was beyond disgusting, unsanitary, black mold visible and had a foul odor. Never placed my bags down, due to the unsavory look/smell of the room and went back to the desk clerk, after my 3 min once over. Oddly, enough, I have never had a bad experience with rooms from Hotwire, so I was out done by the fact that they clearly never looked at or inspected this place they are allowing frequent users of their service, to even entertain the idea that any one would pay to stay at hat hot mess. Luckily the desk clerk agreed to issue me a refund, as long as someone from Hotwire contacted him directly, which they did and he allowed the refund.

My next issue had to do with the refund process, which we were advised would occur back on my debit card in 2 business days. Fine, it was inconvenient, giving I was traveling and had not planned on wasting my money on an inhabitable hotel. So, it is what is. However, it is now 05/31 and those funds are still missing from my debit card. I place a call today, to do follow-up on my refund and no on seemed to be the wiser. I advised the purpose of my call (locating my money that was to be refunded) and the rep I spoke to seem to be unable to locate any of my information or address the refund issue . I request to speak to a supervisor, hoping for any assistance at this point and I spoke to an extremely rude Jenean*, which her lack of professionalism and tone was comical, given that I am the one calling about my bad experience. The supervisor states that same thing, she has no records of any refund ever being addressed or advised will occur. Irate yet, still willing to get an understanding of how my information is not available, I asked her if Hotwire recorded their calls. She said they did. I asked her to review the recordings, gave the date and time and she proceeded with the driest, condescending attempt to rush me off the phone and threw in a 48 hrs before hanging up. Not clear as to why someone in hospitality, let alone and leadership position would possibly be a representative of a company that primarily deals in customer service...My issue is still unresolved and the lackluster representatives I have spoken to, make a bad situation that I was willing to move past because [email protected]#$ happens. But this is unacceptable and absolute reason to ensure that anyone willing to listen, to go never do business with Hotwire and try another option.

May 31, 2018

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