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Dear Hotwire,
I want to make a formal complaint with regards to the way your services are run and the way customer service representatives treat your customers.

I booked a round trip flight in January from JFK to Casabalnca to Toulouse (return flight Rome to Casablanca to JFK), April 18-28. Upon the first leg of my trip on April 18th, my flight time was changed from 10:30pm to 9:00pm. I had no previous notification of this change in flight. I took two taxis on the way to the airport and arrived 2 hours early, which is standard according to most international airlines. However, when I arrived at 8:30, I was notified that my flight had changed and that I couldn't book that flight. Because I was a "no show" for this flight, Royal Air Maroc also cancelled my return flight. Hotwire could offer no refund, and the insurance I purchased through Hotwire was unwilling to cover this occurrence or refund insurance purchased.

I initially bought this reservation through Kayak, and was never informed that Hotwire was then responsible for this reservation. I never received confirmation from Hotwire that I booked this flight. After investigating why Kayak wasn't confirming my flight, I realized Hotwire was responsible. I did call Hotwire on 4/17/17 to ensure I was BOOKED on the flight on Royal Air Maroc. The Hotwire representative DID confirm I was on this flight. However, she did NOT confirm that the flight had changed from 10:30pm to 9:00pm. There was a confirmation email that I found days later in my spam, but by that time it was too late. I find it unacceptable that I received no PREVIOUS confirmation of change in flight or confirmation of flight since I booked the tickets in January. That I, as a customer, had to do this leg work, and call Hotwire to confirm these very basic aspects of my travel planning. I strongly feel that this company is doing nothing to ensure customers are helped through their travel, and have no desire to change this.

I have now spoken with 4 different representatives at Hotwire. While initially they were helpful, no one was willing to investigate why I never was notified of my original flight, and why I was never notified (BEFORE April 17th) of any change in flight times.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, CTI spoke with a supervisor today who made me feel as if Hotwire had no part in my missing my flight, and I left the conversation feeling very disrespected. I am a paying customer, and find it unacceptable that Hotwire is putting the entire oweness of this mistake on me. No one was willing to help investigate, take responsibility, or offer me any sort of help as a paying customer. On April 18th, I had to immediately book an entirely new flight (which I also bought through Hotwire, as I originally thought the issue was with the Royal Air Maroc and not Hotwire), having spend at least $1700 with Hotwire. Essentially, I have bought 2 round trip tickets to Europe and have felt shamed for not confirming information that I believe Hotwire is responsible for informing me of.
I spoke with Royal Air Maroc, who told me that the flight from JFK to Morocco changed departure times on 2/6/17. WHY WAS I NOT NOTIFIED THEN? In speaking with Royal Air Maroc, they assured me it was Hotwire's responsibility to notify me of this change. Why was no one from Hotwire customer service willing to look into this? Why are you not willing to take responsibility? The Hotwire representative told me it was Air Maroc's responsibility, and took no oweness for this mistake. I was told the change in departure time was "a small change that didn't require notification" and was essentially blamed for missing this flight, as I hadn't gotten to the airport 4 hours early. This to me is horrific.
As a frequent flier and someone who's never missed a flight nor filed a formal complaint with an airline, I am exceptionally disappointed with your services. I highly recommend WORKING with, instead of shaming customers, in helping them have the most effortless trips possible. Confirming flight times and confirmation should be obvious, primary concerns, and not ones left to argue about with a customer service representative. I cannot urge you enough that you change your policies with regards to customer notification of your rules and regulations. If customers are expected to confirm their own flights and check on their flight times from date of purchase regularly, I suggest you alert them to this and stay in constant communication in order to avoid mishaps like this.
Sadly, I will not be using Hotwire again and will be open with others about this very negative experience.
Thank you for your time,
Sarah Johnson

Apr 30, 2017

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