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Monroe, NY, United States
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Thank you for refunding my account for this establishment but would like to let you know that this was unacceptable and truly was an inconvenience. Waking up at 3am to find multiple bites and finding at least 11 bed bugs crawling around the bed after they had attacked, we immediately ironed all our clothes and cleaned every article we brought into your establishment, thus leaving items that we didn't want to risk cross contaminating into our vehicle and bringing the bedbugs to our home.

After getting up early to travel upstate New York, a long day of travel and site-seeing then having to leave abruptly with little to no sleep was not only an inconvenience but needing to drive home in the rain and no sunlight put our lives at risk.

I take matters like this seriously as a consumer and guest. Your business markets establishments who's Main responsibility is to provide a safe, clean sleeping quarter for guests who travel near or far. Please know that this is no way your fault but understand that your are also marketing an establishment that is irresponsible and could have jeapardized lives.


Oct 29, 2017

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