SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / I checked out after one night because of the condition of the accomidation and after I complained they promised me a refund but none was recieved


Date: booked in for June 5th - June 12th, stayed one night and placed complaints on June 6th. Confirmation no. [protected]. Hotel details: Penguin Rooms-city center ul. Lobzowska 12/1, Krakow, 31-140, PL. Phone +[protected]. Accommodation was on 1112;ul.Mickiewicza 55.
When booking this room a picture of accommodation type was displayed and when I received confirmation the same picture was displayed, this I consider, as does the law, to be false advertisement. Not only did it not resemble this picture in any make, shape or form, it also did not deliver on the facilities promised. Facilities promised were free wifi- the wifi did not work. flat-screen tv with cable channels- not only were there no cable channels or flat screen tv there was no tv at all. A double sofa bed- this was not a sofa bed but a very dirty sofa that would not sleep one adult. Kitchen- filthy and not a kitchen but a side-board with no table or chairs like the picture claims. Free toiletries- none. The bathroom smelt like a sewer and was dirty, too dirty to shower in. Premium bedding- a childs single bed sheet, cushions no pillows and no other bedding and the one single sheet had a stain on it as did one of the cushions, that had no covers. None of these facilities were delivered and the place was too small, filthy and with no air-conditioning. On entering the building the foyer had no lights and was very dangerous as there was numerous steps, there were also no lights in the corridor in front of our room.
I did book a shuttle through Penguin rooms which was on time and cost what they had promised, but we were not dropped at the door but half a block away, the driver however was very pleasant.
It was 9.45pm when we arrived and we were greeted by a guy with the keys. First there was no lights in the foyer and then none outside the room, I highlighted this and he just seemed to be amused by this. When entering the accommodation my jaw dropped, I explained this must be a mistake and he said no. He had no real English and then claimed I had to pay for the week. I had already paid by credit card but he claimed I had not, I asked to speak to somebody in charge. He rang someone and spoke to them in Polish for 5 mins. He then put me on the phone to this guy who tried his best to convince me I had not paid and I could pay cash. He then tried to tell me he was going to take it off my credit card even though it was already paid. After this was somewhat sorted they decided I had to pay for late check-in 924 zloty because they only check-in up to 10, I then explained we were being booked in at 9.45, he looked at his watch and said no it's 10.30. I explained it was 10.30 but they had me on the phone for half an hour and the rest was trying to explain that I had all ready paid for the room. Then he asked for a further 100 zloty for cleaning, I naturally thought this was a joke because of the state of the room. I said we're not staying here it's not what we booked and asked if they had any other rooms, he said yes and I asked where, he replied in the same building and they are all the same. I declined another room and asked if he had a nimber for any hotels we could book into, he said no and this is when I realised there was either no 'free wifi' or it did not work. It was now 11 o'clock we were tired and had no where else to stay, so we had no choice but to stay that night in filth. The man would not leave until I gave him the 100 zloty for 'cleaning' in cash. I felt I had to to get rid of him he was quite aggressive. We did not sleep as there was nowhere but a stained couch to sleep on. The place was disgustingly hot as there was no air-conditioning.
The next mournibng early I rang the number I was given and told them they need to send somebody over for the keys we were not staying there for one more night and I explained why. They said someone would be over in 30 mins, we were waiting over an hour and every time I rang the phone was off. I gave a full itinerary of the issues, he was very polite. He assured me a refund but none came and I have heard nothing since.
I am looking for a refund and I seriously hope you take this scam off your site. After my week in Krakow I went on for further travels and you can note I did not go through I nor any other member of my family have had any issues in the past with and the accommodation we got through you. If this is rectified to my satisfaction I will of course try you again but until then I will be doing business elsewhere.
Tara Whelan

Jun 21, 2017

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