SUBMIT A COMPLAINT not to be trusted

Case ID : [REQ:M-8981420] - This matter remains unresolved. Plse listen to my enquiry CALL made on 15 July 2014. As I did NOT receive confirmation of booking on 14 July, I followed up on 15 July 2014 and was told that there was NO booking in my name, hence we went through the process again .. based on the advice/information provided by your Consultant! I received confirmation after my telecom on the 15th. This resulted in a double booking & payment being made, without my knowledge. Plse LISTEN to the telecom and it will become apparent that have to refund me for the erroneous double booking. I am NOT INTERESTED in Ashvin's (Customer Care Consultant) incorrect assessment of my complaint ... Ashvin, I PHONED .. LISTEN to the conversation with your Consultant - I did not claim that it was a WEBSITE error and the fact that your Consultant did not do his job on the 14th, is not my fault! Furthermore, I completed all the steps to mediate/correct this matter, as dictated by, yet you remain unperturbed and it is clear that’s claims of customer service is non-existent!

Feb 10, 2015

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