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Systems are always down on live chat support, used the service for years, we used to submit support tickets and the issue would be attended to no problem.

Email support no longer exists only live chat, systems always down, "not able to assist you at the moment, try again later."

This is very poor service especially when you business domain is down..

What has happened to Hostmonster?

Chat Transcript

Hostmonster Chat Transcript
Chat ID: [protected] Initial Question: My *** domain has been
deactivated, please fix this as we need it back up and running.
9:27:53 AM Sangeetha B Hello Alexi, thank you for contacting support. My
name is Sangeetha. and I’m happy to help you.
9:28:17 AM Alexi Karalis Hello Sangeetha
9:28:25 AM Sangeetha B Could I get the last 4 characters of the Main
account password to verify ownership of the account?
9:28:42 AM Alexi Karalis ****
9:30:04 AM Alexi Karalis Are you still there?
9:30:45 AM Sangeetha B Yes, I am here. Please hold for the moment there
is some internal connection problem .
9:31:03 AM Alexi Karalis no problem
9:35:22 AM Alexi Karalis Do you still have a connection problem?
9:36:41 AM Sangeetha B Yes, the issue still persist. I am really sorry
for the inconvenience that has caused you.
9:37:00 AM Alexi Karalis when will you be able to resume helping me?
9:42:24 AM Sangeetha B Alexi, Currently the internal tools are not
working. So can you please contact us later ?
9:43:26 AM Alexi Karalis can i email a support ticket as I need the
issue resolved urgently?
9:43:36 AM Alexi Karalis our domain is down
9:43:55 AM Alexi Karalis due to the following issue
9:43:57 AM Alexi Karalis *****.com has been deactivated due to an
unverified billing contact change for [protected]@*****
9:44:31 AM Alexi Karalis the contact address for the domain is my old
email address, *****.com that is no longer valid
9:44:59 AM Alexi Karalis I need all the contact addresses changed from
*****.com to ****.com
9:45:23 AM Alexi Karalis We need the domain back up and running for
9:46:03 AM Sangeetha B I apologize for the issue you are having.
Unfortunately, I am unable to access your account at this time due to
some internal system issues. We hope to have full access restored
shortly but until then I am only able to assist you with non account
specific help.
9:46:40 AM Alexi Karalis what is the hostmonster email address for
9:47:54 AM Sangeetha B Alexi, we currently don't have email support now.
9:48:26 AM Alexi Karalis thats a bit of a problem as we now have no
support at all
9:48:38 AM Alexi Karalis this is poor service

Jan 16, 2017

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