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The buyer sent a cashier's check for the dog plus she agreed to also buying a puppy from a future litter I have coming. She included the shipping in the check for a dog her daughter owner and needed to be sent from Kansas. She sent the check for $2250. I was to deduct $600 for the dog and $300 for the deposit on the puppy due in October and I was to give the remainder to the driver taking my dog and her daughter's dog to Indiana.
I informed her that I would be unable to send the dog until the bank cleared the funds and she insisted the money would be available in 24-48 hours. That check went into the bank around 3:12 PM and the bank called me about a half hour later and said the issuing bank never sent the cashier's check.
I have all the information plus a photo copy of check front and back. I also have all emails from this entire incident. This all took place 8/17-8/22/18. The posts were from stacifaye00877 and the email address is [protected]
I lost no money but I thought that you should know in case she tries again and is successful.
Laura Guinan, [protected]

Aug 24, 2018
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  • Ly
      Sep 26, 2018

    I just posted a pup on hoobly this morning and she quickly replied wanting more pictures sent to her email [protected] After doing so she emailed me back telling me she wanted her for her daughter and asked if she could send a check and arrange for pick up .. she said she lives in Durham, NC . I emailed her back and told her the check would have to clear before releasing the pup and she responded by telling me she will be sending a cashiers check to assure the clearing. And asked for my name and address . Thank you for sharing your experience with this buyer I knew something was up ..

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  • Yo
      Feb 27, 2019

    Beware the counterfeit cashier's check! Your bank will add the funds to your account, but in ten days it will be determined to be fake, and the "extra" money given to a shipper, or merely returned as an "over-payment" will be your loss, plus possible fraud charges. And worst of all, they'll have your dog.

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  • Yo
      Feb 27, 2019

    @youbetyourwrasse Also the social engineering is quite brilliant in this case. "A deposit on a future litter." Again and again these scams work because of the "trust" that is shown to the mark. They trust the seller so much they are willing to front them money for a future transaction! Sure it cost them $300, but the $1350 gain they stood to make is well worth the sacrifice.

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