Hong Leong Bank Berhad / i`m complaint about your staff at hong leong bank`s malaysia branch of seremban

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is LIM WAI WOON. On 6th June 2018 3pm I've visited Hong Leong Bank branch Seremban for renew my fix deposit which I want to change my own fix deposit to joint account with my mother.
I have been served with your staff who duty on counter 16, she is a Chinese girl, unfortunately I forget her name and she served me with bad communication.
She said I have to pay RM10 for renew my fix deposit if I want to change it, she asked me to close the fix deposit and open a new joint account, or combine it to my another fix deposit account with imperative and impatient tone, so that I can waive the RM10 payment.
She passed the aftermath work to another staff on counter 15, and the staff on counter 15 was served me with clear and good communication.
For me, I not care about the RM10 payment, just hope that your staff can talk clearly and nicely with customer. I`m not happy with the service giving from staff counter 16, I was thinking terminate the fix deposit service at the time, but I ended it because of time convenience factor.
Please take some action and please make sure your staff be polite and more professional also respect customer.
I can be reach at my email [protected] or by phone [protected].
Thank you.

Jun 08, 2018

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