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HomeTown America Sunshine Valley / Property Management

1 Chandler, AZ, United States Review updated:

For any sane human being that has personal self respect, do not even attempt to think about living at the Sunshine Valley property in Chandler, AZ for Hometown America. The so called manager is useless. Any and all complaints are ignored unless it is to tell someone that we complained about them. There is no real sense of pride in the complex as to upkeep of the property by the maintenance crew. They get by with the bare minimum. The management office knows about multiple tenants that have dogs that walk them around without leashes, when there is a leash law in Chandler, they do not curb their dog, which means picking up after the dog and the worst part of that is the area where everyone takes their dogs is right where the school buses stop to pick and drop off kids. Would you want you kid playing in an area that is constantly covered with dog feces?? I always pick up after mine and try to make her go in an area that the kids aren't in. The neighbors have no clue about respect for others. Half of them are probably not here legally. I am not racist, my wife is hispanic and immigrated here from Mexico when she was young and got here citizenship on her own the right way! The speed limit in the general area is 10 MPH, I have complained multiple times and have been told " I will get with the safety person and stand there with a radar gun and get these people to slow down". NOTHING!!! Hell even one of the employees that lives here drives around here like a madman as well as his family! The so-called maintenance people that are on staff to fix issues with rental properties such as mine don't even speak english!! How am I supposed to communicate with them! If you can avoid it please avoid this property. We are trying our best to get out of here early, but with this economy it isn't going that well. Biggest mistake I have ever made!

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      14th of Jul, 2011
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    I highly agree with this comment. I too am a poor victim who unwittingly chose to live in Hometown America Sunshine Valley. They need to seriously consider changing the name of this park to PsychoVille!!! Obviously in the section this person lives in still has 10 m.p.h. speed limit signs posted. On our street they just chose to remove them. Problem solved, right? We moved here in 2010. A couple months later the next door neighbors children broke the window next to the front door. I have been reporting this to them on a constant basis. Guess what? I still have a broken window. The front door is not properly installed so we get rain, dust, every type of weather you can imagine comes through that door. The back door...well, that doesn't even close and lock properly so it just randomly swings open. I had to have an alarm installed that sets off an alert everytime the door swings open on its own. I don't care who you are...that is not secure!!! Any requests you make via letter or phone call go unanswered and ignored. but hold onto your hats if you pay the rent one day late. They tape notes with your personal information on them to your windows or doors threatening to evict you and file legal charges against you. My stove had a gas leak. I told them about this and gave them the paperwork from Southwest Gas. I had to wait over a week for a new stove. The smoke detectors are defective. One week and two phone calls later they finally replaced one of them. Don't even get me started on the loud music, high speed drivers, ignorant neighbors, wild parties that last well into the night, its filthy and disgusting around here. If they were going for a ghetto motif they surely achieved it. The people in the management office are the rudest, most unintelligent group of people around. They certainly don't look for high quality applicants for that job. Appears any old person can just walk in off the street and get a job here!! I especially LOVE the "after-hours" line. Its a cell phone that goes right to voicemail and they NEVER respond to it!!! I am fortunate enough that I only had to live here temporarily. We will be moving into our new home, in a nice, quiet neighborhood that isn't racist against anyone that is caucasian. Thank you Sunshine Valley for giving us the worst year of our life!!! So glad its almost over.

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      23rd of Jan, 2013
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    photo radar now what a joke i have the joy of owning a mobile home im upsidedown in so i cant leave what a joke this place is they have money for new HD camera setups but they cant fork out a coupple bucks for a security gaurd to run off the kids smoking weed at the park mabie invest innew parks a coupple more hoops a soccer net or two for the guys that play soccer all the time not raise our rent every single year mabie put polls in that the dog owners can dispose of their pets waste mabie give us our garbage day back on bucket a week gets full quick the guy running the place needs a refresher course in how to deal with people as well

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