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Hometown America / Harassment

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We have lived in Redwood Estates MHP owned by Hometown America since the early 80's.. We have seen numerous managers come and go but Hometown is the worst. The managers they have employed threaten eviction over everything. Things that former managers apporved they will take you to court over. They lettheir employees and vendors harass and threaten violence to the tenants. If you think that Hometown cares guess again. These people play when plowing snow and take out skirting, break taillights in cars and have a tenant with the plow while he was shoveling. I could go and on but please think twice before moving into any Hometown America MHP inless you are a illegal then you will be right at home.

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  • Pa
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    This huge wealthy company preys on the ignorance and lack of resources of the average person. There are laws in Colorado preventing this kind of Landlord/Tenant abuse. The "Mobile Home Park Act" (C.R.S 38-12-200.1, et seq.) and the "Premises Liability Act" (C.R.S. 13-21-115(3c)(I)) are the main ones. Tenants have a right to treatment and leases which do not violate these laws. All we need is someone who understands the laws (like me) to organize everyone and hire an attorney to force Hometown America to rewrite their illegal Lease Agreements (which violate the above statutes), repay everyone they've wronged as a result of their illegal Lease Agreements and to abide by these laws from now on. The Colorado Consumer Protection Act is very generous with making the losers pay attorney's fees. I have already gathered most of the evidence needed to do this. If any current tenants anywhere in the US, or any former tenants of Hometown America anywhere in the US with active litigation against them are interested in forcing these guys to clean up their act with a class action suit, please call Jake at 303-507-1610. All we need are a few tenants that want reform, and a little more corroborating evidence to make it happen. Give me a call if interested.

  • Dy
      21st of Dec, 2016
    +1 Votes

    @Paul Vernal Hi I just texted you. My name is s. And my lawsuit is against creekside estates community in 95621 sacramento area

  • Do
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    Tara Woods in North Fort Myers is currently taking Hometown America to court over illegal lease agreements. There are presently 44 homeowners who are involved in this suit. More of us in the new section of Tara Woods are stuck because there is a sentence in our rental agreement stating that the rental agreement is not the same as our prospectus (of course, we did not know this until after we signed the rental agreements). I am trying to sell my home for half of what I paid four years ago, but nobody is interested in buying a home where the monthly fee is $750 a month (an increase of $140 a month in four years during a recession). I have nothing good to say about Hometown America. Moving to a Hometown America retirement community was a HUGE mistake.

  • Mi
      12th of Nov, 2017
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    @donna how do we join, my wife and i also bought a home in Tara Woods and have been evicted for not paying our rent which is a lie

  • Do
      27th of Nov, 2017
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    @michael87mjs Michael, I have had no luck fighting Tara Woods. All I have ever wanted is to be treated fairly by Hometown America. That will never happen. I am sorry that you lost your home.

  • Te
      28th of Nov, 2017
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    @donna amen

  • Jo
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Ellenton Florida We painted our driveway to match the house trim. Managment is now threatening us with eviction if we do not repaint it with an acceptable color. However, there does not exist any list of an acceptable color. You must submit a form with a color indicated and they will let you know if that is approved or not. In addition, we drove all around the park checking out other homes and have over 60 homes who did exactly what we did...painted their driveway the same color as their house trim. T he color is the why is one painted driveway allowed and another not allowed? We own the home and the adjacent driveway.We know this because when they remove homes from the park they also remove driveways and carports.

  • Fr
      26th of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Live in Hometown Crescent Run in Mesa, Az. Lease agreements do not jel w/Arizona tenant laws. Bias intimidation, especially of women has been a factor w/newly resigned manager, John. This has been our 3rd. in 1bout 10 yrs. Verbal abuse, favoritism, & general bulliness is common. Hoping for better days ahead. Have made numerous police reports since living here 12 of the 15 yrs.Issues were home entry, damage to property & especially toc ar w/2 smashed windshields, dead batteries(doors found open). flat tires, in carport that insurance reimbursed. Selling is difficult.

  • Ci
      28th of Apr, 2014
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    HomeTown Urgent Care - Negligence
    HomeTown Urgent Care
    United States

    Mr. Kumar, I know you just purchased your company back and need things to go your way. They are not going my way. I am very unhappy. Patience is thin. I need you to contact me via email as I am prepared to begin the litigation process. Not the type of media and Internet chatter you want as you work to rebuild your franchise. My legal council is free. You will spend more on a retainer and fees than it will cost you to reimburse me for the medical costs associated with the botched EKG.
    I really would have liked to have heard from you by now. I have been compiling forums that serve as watchdog sites for the consumer and will soon begin leaving my fingerprints and story about the EKG and being stonewalled online. I have the ER notes from my file for that day stating "Initial EKG was performed incorrectly." We gotta find a way to work this out. You are the CEO, don't send this to Chris, fix it yourself. My home builder made a huge error when they built our house and seven years after I got them to fix the problem as they did not like seeing their names all over the Internet. You can by a domain name like www.hometownurgentsucks or www.dontgotohometownurgentcare and these types already existed when I got our builder to own up to what they failed to do. I just want to be reimbursed. I told Chris I would sign a document ending the task as finished.

    Disappointed! I don't want to battle. You are in the people business and people don't like to be mistreated! I would pass on Hometown Urgent Care right now.

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