Home Warranty of America [HWA]customer service and contractors


I would like to tell you about my experience with your company. My first realtor I had told me that we should never get the home warranty because they don't pay for anything and will find a way to get out of covering your issues. He was absolutely correct. I wish I would have never got this home warranty when I purchased my home. You guys have done absolutely nothing for me when I needed you the most. I will let everyone know even realtors I know that home warranty is a waste of time and resources.

To begin I have had two problems in my home that you have found a say to get out of covering me for. My last issue was severe and huge. I have to poor thousands into getting my home back normal because you guys were no help when we needed you the most. You send out some of the most uncomprehending contractors who are true and obnoxious. I have never done business with someone so pushy and rude before like the plumbing guy you sent out here.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in North Charleston, SC You really need to interview these contractors and give them some customer service training. He didn't even touch a thing in my home that day dealing with my toilet and he closed out my ticket and told you guys it was our fault. He is scandalizing you and me out of our money because he is not doing a thing when he goes out on these calls.

What he did touch and inspect was my water heater that the toilet overflow damaged but he told you all it was fault. Very very questionable!!! Your actual customer service department needs training as well I called about all of this and spoke with two different reps today Saturday, December 8th at 12:44pm and 12:56pm. The last person I spoke with was a man and he was so rude. He was so caught off guard like he was doing something completely else when I called. He was not even prepared to take the call. Which caused me to have to keep repeating myself over and over again to him.

I'm Beyond done with HWA and your contractors. There is no way I would ever renew this contract. I hate I have to pay your plumbing contractor who came out here and did absolutely nothing but lied.

Dec 08, 2018

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