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Plano, IL, United States
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I filed a claim that involved a single chain stuck on our living room ceiling fan. Hwa approved the claim and arrangements were made with the vendor. The vendor refused to accommodate my work hours, so I had my mother be present for the service call. Today I contacted him as the ceiling fan is not fixed. He said it is a design issue that he cannot repair. I reminded him it is the same fan I 've had for 17 months. He continued to state it was a design flaw and could not be repaired. I asked him about the $100 bill he left me? He said "that's how it works" I contacted hwa and was told by a customer service rep and a supervisor that I would have to pay the $100 even though the fan chain was not repaired. I requested a manager and the supervisor transferred me to a voicemail. This is my first claim after having this service for one year and I am appalled at the scam this company is running! Is there anyone else I can contact about this scam?


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