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Home Warranty Of America / air condition

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Dear mr. Green:

I certainly hope this letter find you making a lot of people happy in purchasing their new home.

I just wanted to let you know of my experience with home warranty of america of lincolnshire, il. Please make you customers aware before doing business with home warranty of america, lincolnshire, il.
On july 21, 2006, my ac unit stopped working. I called home warranty. They could not reach their contractor immediately, so they approved me to call an air condition service company of my choice. I called norrel, since they serviced the unit in april. Norrel said the compressor was grounded. When he talked to home warranty, they said it would be feasible to order a new condenser. Rachel, with home warranty said they would order a carrier unit on monday and that they would call me to set up a time of service. On monday, when I hadn’t heard from them, I called again. Now, they would need a second opinion. They called air services from pelham. This is the company that they couldn’t reach initially. This guy said it wasn’t the compressor; it was in the electrical system. Home warranty sent out an electrician. The electrician came out and did a check on all wires from the ac unit to the fuse box. He determined it to be the compressor. He relayed that information to home warranty. Home warranty said before they can authorized service, the will need another opinion. They approved me to call an ac company of my choice. I called alatec htg & air. He came out and determined the same thing as what was said before; it was the compressor. He not only said it was the compressor, but before winter, I will need to have some furnace pipes replaced. He gave them a quote of about $3800 to complete the total job. Home warranty said his price was outrageous. Now, they wanted a 5th opinion. Mind you, i’m taking off work every time a contractor comes for an opinion. They called mallory htg and air. This guy should have retired years ago. He was actually 83 years old. He said the same thing as the other 4 said… it was a grounded compressor. I later found out he agreed to take the job for $1500.00. I asked my father, who is 77 years old, to come out to let mr. Mallory in. My dad said he came with a compressor so large until he had to help him bring it up the drive way and set it in the unit. If I stayed home when he started, he would have been out of luck. Dad said the compressor weighed about 100 pounds! He started july 31st. My daddy worked with him everyday. Daddy said he would not have been able to complete the job without him. Then… he had the nerve to give daddy $20.00! I almost lost it. On saturday, august 5th they finally got the air working after 16 days of heat in july in alabama. You know for yourself that the temperature has been 95 to 98 degrees. I wouldn’t treat a dog the way I was treated. My son has asthma. Did they care? Not enough to go ahead and repair my unit. Home warranty agreed pay for a hotel room for 3 days. I would have to pay for it and they would reimburse my money. I had to service fees for 2 of the contractors and i’m waiting on them to send a refund. What do I look like having to wait 3 to 4 weeks for another refund? They even said I could replace the condenser and they would reimburse me. Yeh… right. If they didn’t want to pay the $3800 to alatec, then i’m not making a loan to cover what a warranty company should do. Somehow I think they would leave me to pay the entire bill.

Someone told me to write my closing attorney to advise him of home warranty of america. My real estate agent found them online and she paid them as a gift. I don’t think she knew anything about them, but I did let her know of my dilemma.

I’m am planning to write the president, operations manager, the better business bureau in birmingham and lincolnshire, illinois. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Whew!!! I got that off my chest!

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