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I purchased a silestone countertop several years ago from Home Depot and have been trying to get my problem fixed on and off since then. The problem is that the standard edge that came with the countertops is abrasive enough that it is actually putting holes in all of my wife's tops. As she leans against the counter while working in the kitchen, the edge actually puts small holes in each top. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similiar issue. Home Depot is in the processes of responding, however their representives act like I am crazy when I tell them what is causing the damage to the garments. I would consider a class action suit, if other people have had a similiar experience. Let me know.


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      Jun 23, 2010

    It very rare that those things happen but get in contact with the store expeditor and have them call/email the district service manager to come to your home with a silestone rep and address the issue. Dont sign any paperwork until you are happy with the repairs . If that does not work call your credit card company and tell them to do a chargeback to the store meaning you want all your money back the store to take the hit. They should move for you then.

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  • Cr
      Nov 27, 2010

    I just had the Coffee Brown Silestone countertop installed TWO weeks ago and I am already finding chips and scratches. I have been very careful with it - but it is no more than a piece of glass. You sit anything on it and it is damaged. This product is NOTHING like the brochure or internet leads you to believe. I have spent allot of money on this and I am VERY UNHAPPY and DISSATISFIED. It is hard for me to believe you cannot even use your crock pot on it ! Who in their right mind would want a countertop like that? I had a laminate countertop for 25 years and used the crock pot almost weekly with no problems / chips - nothing. The color is great - but that is it. Even when you sit a fork down - it sounds like it is going to break ! I HATE IT ! I am contacting John Beane to join a class action suit.

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  • Me
      Jan 10, 2011

    I have the olive green countertop from silestone in my kitchen (for over a year). I love it. I does not chip, it is very easy to clean. I cut vegetables on it with no damage. I put my hot pots on it also without any problems. I did not use home depot, however, but a privet contractor that cut and installed the top.

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      May 03, 2016

    I have had many tops ruined because of our Silestone leather countertops. I am very unhappy with our Silestone leather countertops - they are very hard to maintain. If I set a glass on the countertop, it leaves a mark that is hard to get off.

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  • No
      Aug 22, 2019

    I have been fighting with Silestone Countertops for several years now. Back in 2011, I purchased countertops from Home Depot. Didn't know anything about a Silestone Company. Well... that's where their countertops come from.
    After a couple of years, someone noticed a Crack in my countertop. I immediately called Home Depot and was told to contact Silestone. I talked to two different women on several occasions that promised that someone would get back with me several times. After about 10-12 calls to that "SO CALLED" company, they finally sent someone out and I know for a fact that the man knew something was not right! Without telling me right out, he showed plenty of indications! Well now I'm having to come out o My pocket to have my countertops redone because there is another Crack in my countertops and my my sink is dropping and the backsplash is separating from the walls. Come to fine out, there was NO boarding or support installed under the initial countertops. NONE! I would advise NO ONE to go to Home Depot or any store that uses this company for their countertops or installation! I even tried writing letters to Home Depot where I purchased the materials from and he letters always come back. This Silestone Company SUCKS! Don't use them!

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