Holsted Jewelers / Unauthorized charges, trouble with getting a refund, double talking, etc.

Chillicothe, United States

I am a member of sendearnings which is the sister site of inboxdollars. They had an offer for buying a ring from Holsted for only 5 dollars and I opt out for the additional jewelry on a monthly basis. The ring came in and they took 5 bucks which was ok. What was NOT ok was them charging and shipping me earrings that I already told them via ordering catalogue that I was not wanting to buy those earrings or other jewelry. They took out money WITHOUT my permission first in the amount of roughly 60 dollars. I went to my bank, filed reports with them and mastercard in hopes I get my money back. The banker and I called their 800 number and they have a tendency to double talk, repeatively changing their policy. I closed my debit card to keep them from withdraeing more money. The foreign accent woman kept insisting that the debit card reopen for me to get a refund, which I could not do, my banker asked her that is she actually saying that they won't give me my money back and they were trying to get the whole banks' info too.
The money they took was my electric bill money and I am scared of my electricity being turned off! :(

May 27, 2015

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