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Hollister Co. / Sizes to small!!!

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I love Hollister cothing!! BUT... it is way to small. when i see other girls wear Hollister an my friends wear it they ask me, why dont you wear hollister? An, i feel embaressed... i say that i dont like their clothing, ... but... i really do, but i just cant fit into the clothing. thats the truth. even, a larger size at a regular juinors department fits me properly, but i wear an XL, or a large depending on how i want the fit. An it is wrong that they dont have a plus size line of clothing and it is not like they wouldnt make a TON! of money with it, because i know that i am not the only girl that has these feelings about wanting to me in style an keep up with what you really want to buy and im NOT complaning about prices but I AM complaniing about thhe sizes that they carry. it is very wrong that they do that this sorta thing is what causes eating disorders and problums expecally in teen girls. i hope that no one feels bad that they cant fit into Hollister Co. cothing. i personlly no the feeling when your mom asks is they carry larger sizes like Aeropostale does. that is why i love Aeropostele!! they are in style and carry sizes that all girls could be? i love who i am, and i am happy with who i am. but when my mother asked do u carry the sizes that aeropostale carrys like an extra large? they say NO! we only carry up to a large sorry. An its like, i really dont need your apollagy. what i really need is for your store to carry a larger size so i can fit in to the clothing that my friends wear. i am not a follower but my style IS my passion. i love my style it is part of who i am!!!, alot of people love the way i dress and i am very prod of what i have acopplished! :)
but i really do love their colthing and i went online to check it out and see what sizes they had so i ordered a large thinking it was like aeropostale but i payed full price for it, and i got the smallest large you could have thought of. and i was just like okay that is not goin to fit me!!! i was extreamly angry and dissaponted!!! i felt really bad i could not fit it i had to give it away to my little cuz. I felt so embaressed in ther store. An, i could have just cryed!!
Hollister and aeropostale, shoujld carry larger sizes IN stores and i really hope on store manager sees this and understands that their are big girls who have growing hormons and have came in all shapes and sizes and should be ables to have the same outfit as their skinny friends!! or there ordanary friends and not have to pay shipping online!!... thay should just make larger sizers not a whole store for the plus sizes just add the new (LARGER SIZES!!) to the bottem or back of the rack it doesent matter!! i should be able to enjoy wearing clothing in style and not get the look that other girls get when they dont wear those clothing but i thank aeropostale and american eagle for the larger sizes and i really will keep my word on how girls and boys men and women should be able to shop at the same clothing store.
I, now rest my case about larger clothing style and how Hollister is very pregidest agensit larger people.!

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  • Ph
      29th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    You should worry less about how fat you are and more about how you can't spell. But if it really bothers you get off your lazy ### and go to a gym!

  • Hc
      12th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    our clothing line is made to target girls in middle school and high school. so yes, our sizes run small. but we are also not a plus size department store so we are not going to be selling xl and to people who are overweight. we have a style, and a target audience. get over it and shop somewhere else. hollister isnt the only place in style

  • Ho
      26th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Your FIT friends? How about your FLAT friends.

    OP, don't feel bad, I'm not overweight and I cannot fit into the larges either at Hollisters sometimes.

    What is worse? Abercrombie or Charlotte Russe? They don't even have X-large in either store, but they sure have x-small?

    So.. we do NOT want to be 104 lbs soaking wet? Why is THAT a problem McObabe?? hehe.. maybe the fact that the OP has curves makes YOU angry!

    Nothing wrong with being curvy if you are a teen age girl.. i wouldn't think...

    And though Hollister TARGETS the young teens to mid 20s crowd. they need to know alot of people really LOVE their style of clothing and would like to find something in their size too.

    They make good clothing, no doubt about it. It washes well, holds up well, is cute... well-sewn. I have to give them a THUMBS UP for the styles & quality they use.

    But I agree with OP! They need to up their sizes to include something a moderately sized teen girl or woman could fit into!

    So, what, we are not all skin & bones. I really do not think that ALL guys like that kind of woman, anyway!

    So.. hoping the manufacturers of Hollisters might be reading this and will start making size x-large, or make some size 12 or 14 jeans, etc... That is not asking too much I wouldn't think and yes, it WILL expand YOUR MARKET and your PROSPERITY Hollister's..

    Love your Surfing culture atmosphere btw! It rocks! Great selection of skin lotions too.. woohoo, plumeria and Hermosa Beach are my faves!

  • Ch
      8th of Oct, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Actually, if you get in the store and try something on instead of just looking at the rack and saying, "I can't fit into this", you might find that something will fit you. You can find something. Every single one of the tops in that store fits me and I am not a small girl. I am a size 13/14. I can admit to being a bit over weight, and I understand that it's my RIGHT to be the size I am. I also understand that in being the size I am, there are consequences to follow it, ie. not being able to wear jeans from certain stores/brands. It sucks, but the right way to deal with those kind of things is to set a goal for yourself and get into a pair of those pants. It is not to be mad at the world for being smaller in the waist then yourself. No one is telling you to be anorexic. Hollister makes a size 11, though it may be another store's 9, fact is, a 9 isn't that small. I was once a size 17. I was still able to fit into somethings at the store. You don't have to look like the sticks that work there, trust me. Getting to where I am is an accomplishment. I am now able to accept where I stand, and being able to realize that I am bigger then I should be is the best thing I've ever did for myself. I'm starting to have more confidence then I ever did. I'm not telling you this because I am backing up a store. I am saying it for your own good, and to make you see that sometimes you have to see the real picture.

  • Ge
      8th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    although it is annoying that the only x's hollister uses are infront of s's, thats not the problem i have with them.
    the problem i have is the fact that by running their clothes so small, they make girls like you think that XL is plus size. please do not believe that XL is plus size or huge or something to be ashamed of.
    and XL is only about a size 12. a size 12 isn't even what the average woman is anymore. it used to be size 12 but now the average woman is a size 14/16.
    at least you're happy with yourself. its amazing that even though you can't fit into all the stuff you want, you're still positive and you still love yourself.
    unfortunately, hollister doesnt realize that every girl isnt like you. they dont realize the harm and sadness they're causing other girls who dont have the self love and respect like you do.
    and they would totally make tons more money if they just carried larger sizes.
    they just need to get on the tyra banks train and embrace the fact that not everyone is a size 0/XXS, for their benefit and for the customer's benefit.

  • Ge
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you're company's target range is middle and high school aged youth, then why the hell are your models barely dressed (if they're even dressed at all) and making out and being all touchy feely? and why do they all look like they're 22 through 26? if you're going to advertise with people that age, you need to provide sizes to people of that age.
    also. since you are all either busy running around barely dressed kissing each other on the beach or in your stores getting MASSIVE headaches by the overwhelming strong perfume scents, extremely dark lighting, and music that makes a jet plane seem mute, you all may not realize this, but middle school and high school kids don't always fit in the childrens sizes you offer. people in high school tend to be the sizes of adults and therefore dont need clothes that run small, and middle school children are surprisingly bigger these days. people are getting bigger and bigger and not only due to obesity. so if you still want customers 10 years from now, you might want to up the sizes.

    also y'all might wanna fix the atmosphere of the stores. the dark lighting is bad for vision and the music is too loud and can hasten deafness and there is too much perfume being sprayed which could cause allergic reactions in customers. one day you'll have a deaf and blind former employee filing a lawsuit for pain and suffering because of the loss of hearing and sight that was brought on by your stores atmosphere.

    one more thing ms hollister [censored].

    XL does not mean overweight so get your facts straight. Like I said in my previous comment, XL equals a size 12 which is average.
    besides, yea someone might need an XL shirt. but maybe they just have huge boobs and need an XL so they don't rip the size large shirt they would normally wear with smaller boobs.
    you don't know why every size 12 person is a size 12 so quit being a snobby know it all rude insensitive stuck up ignorant prejudice [censored].
    just because you work at hollister or wear it does not mean you are entitled to be prejudice and rude to people based on weight. hollister does not mean you are entitled or better then anyone else. hollister doesnt mean you are special or elite or divine. so please get some humility and learn to be kinder.

    so why don't y'all get over it when your [censored] attitudes, bad store environments, and sizes for newborns gets y'all extinct.

  • Ti
      18th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can not agree more.. Holister does sale a lot of nice clothing.. But, if you have all the curves I do .. I can not even put one boob in the tiny sweaters they carry.. I am not fat at all... I have an ###.. boobs.. thighs.. I do not want to be a skinny ### broad anyways.. I was once one.. I use to wear a size 0 and people told be I was tooo skinny.. now that I am a beautiful size 10.. the stores suggest that I am to big to fit their clothing.. People cant handle a curvaceous women like me..

  • Ju
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Before you complain, you should check your spelling. I don't think people should complain that clothes at hollister/abercrombie and fitch/aeropostale wherever don't fit them. It isn't their fault that the clothes don't fit you. I used to not be able to fit into their clothes when I was younger, but i didn't complain, I just shopped elsewhere. When I grew into my shape I was able to shop there. But never once did I complain. Making plus size clothes might make them some more money, BUT it appears they are doing just fine without it.

  • Hc
      4th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Next time you go into Hollister, look at the posters on the wall. It's all skinny women and ripped guys, not overweight people. Skinny people are their target customers. They are selling an image. If you really want to fit into Hollister and Aeropostale's clothes, lose some weight. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but seriously. It's not like its a department store that carries larger sizes. Hollister isn't to blame for girls getting eating disorders and making girls think their fat. If you really want to blame someone, blame yourself. You obviously don't care enough to get to a healthy weight so you can fit into Hollister's clothes. You eat unhealthy foods and you don't exercise. What do you think is going to happen when you stuff your face all day and sit on your ###? You should be less concerned with what Hollister and Aeropostale are doing and more concerned about your health. Why should these stores adjust themselves to fit your size? Wouldn't they just be promoting obesity? That's not a good thing to promote. Also, read a dictionary or spell check because your spelling and grammar are awful.

  • La
      13th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    im my opinion hollister should make bigger sizes.u dont even have to be over weight.the sizes come small anyways im a 15 year old average weight but a bigger ###.and i get very upset cause i cant fit hollister.soo for all yall who talking about lose weight calling people fat ### and stuff u dont even have to be fat or over weight hollister clothes(pants) should come like a size or two bigger.cause i know im not over weight.but i can fit the shirts just not the pants or shorts.but for all u nice size girls who cnt fit hollister u still have American Eagle and Aeropostale and lots more!!!

  • Aa
      25th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    you dont alter hollister, you alter your self to fit hollister, and so what if they dont sell xl sizes? you can always loose the extra pound in as little as weeks so

  • Ta
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I absolutely agree that the sizes are way too small. They should make a larger range of sizes to fit everyone. It would bring in plenty more money for them and isn't that the main goal in a business? American Eagle and Aeropostale have larger sizes and I see way more people wearing them than Hollister. I've even heard that Victorias Secret - the store known for being sexy - is expanding their clothing sizes to a XXL. I find it disgusting that one of the main responses to this is that 'people should lose weight'. Especially the guy that was ranting and raving about not being a healthy weight and how creating larger sizes would just be promoting obesity. Have you ever thought maybe being overweight isn't the only reason why people can't fit into the clothes? Maybe some girls have a larger chest or a fuller back-end - which is generally considered sexy. Hollister tries to sell a sexy sort of image (Thus all of the 'making out on the beach' advertisements) so wouldn't it make sense for them to sell larger sizes to accomodate some of the sexier shaped women/girls? (By no means do I mean that flat-er women can't be sexy). Besides that it shouldn't matter if someone is a little overweight. It really irks me when people who have been thin their whole life tell someone to go lose weight. Karma is a ### and I bet any money someday you'll be overweight too. People should love their bodies and should be able to buy cute, in-style clothes that make them feel good about themselves. If Hollister is interested in making more money - especially in todays economy - then they should definitely expand their sizes.

  • Am
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Not everything has to fit everyone! Shop somewhere else its not like hollister is the only store in the world and you have to go naked if their clothes dont fit you. Who cares if youre too fat or too skinny to fit something there is more then one store out there.

  • Ro
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree, and its not only Hollister that has smalls sizes.. the other day i walked into a store and a large shirt looked like it was for a 9year old...
    Not all people are over weight... ME for example i have huge hips, and thighs, not much boobs but my shoulders are broad, and i do NOT want to get so skinny to the point where u look at me, and u can see my bones stickin out, that is disgusting.
    People before you go judging and pointin fingers look at yourself, you are not flawless, and even though u might have a skinny frame and that is why u can be skinny, i bet in other things ur horrible... no one is perfect... so dont judge...
    I have hypothyroidism, and let me say i can gain weight easily i got to size 17 for jeans... right now im on size 13to15 depending on the fabric or idk... because like i said some cloths are smaller than they say they are...
    Yes Hollister is not the only store in the world... but look at the world... not everyone is a stick... and not everyone can have a model body... no matter how much excersice u do, if ur body frame says till here u can be, or else u will be boney, than that is that...
    Yes excerise and be healthy... but still i think its a discrimination towards people and they make people feel bad, for not being small... and for us people who have a bigger frame, like huge hips and thighs and what not, we are not fat, we are curvy and beautiful who have taste in style just like the next skinny person...
    IF ur belly is hangin all over the place, than excersice so u can be healthy and achieve the right size for ur body frame...
    P.S-Beauty ends with age... but the inner beauty will remain if u dont let no one sabbotage who u are.

  • Po
      1st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    well i wear an XL in Aero and a Large in AE and Aerie but i wear Hollister too. you just have to havcourage in youself that u look good and that you dont hav to be f*king skinny!

  • Ra
      8th of May, 2010
    +3 Votes

    i'm 5 foot 7 inches. and i ALWAYS struggled with my weight. i will say, i am over weight. and not by like 2 or 3 pounds... but like by 30 pounds. and trust me. i exercise all the time and eat healthy. i can run a 3 mile jog easily. it's just my body type. some people just CAN'T loose weight. and guess what?! i can;t fit into hollister either! american eagle is my place to shop.! but hollister REALLY needs to have at least the size xl! nowadays, kids aren't as thin as they used to be. even if you are a "skinny mini." nobody is perfect. and yes, i would love to fit into hollister, but im just not built that way. big deal! i love myself and all my curves and so should any other girl!

  • Ef
      22nd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    hi my name is ephenie fieffe i totaly agree they clothes are created for skinny people and are not created for people of color mostly blacks, n honestly even if i was skinny i would not shop at their store i love american eagle they have more things n hollister is so corny, they think every one looks the same and honestly i think thicker people know how to dress better and look better in clothing becuz they fill it up and sorry but most skinny [censor]es are cocky when they look like those kids who r starving of hunger, n guys also luv thicker girls better becuz we give it to them better lol :P

  • Li
      6th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    personally i feel pretty neutral about this whole thing i'm an average size 5( dresses) and i can fit into holliser. what im trying to say is YES hollister does target the skinnier figure girls and i dont see too much is wrong with that. Exept i dont rlly like the posters of the very skinny girls and their ripped boyfriends on the walls i mean it's really great photography but it gives girls the impression that you NEED to be that skinny to get a guy thats that hot which isnt true for the most part and for all of the girls that THINK they cant fit into hollister, , , look around the store trust me you will find something that fits you and if you truly cant then stop complaining and loose sum weight because if ur a teenager and your that big then you def. got sum weight issues. ALSO hollister does carry stuff other then clothes. they carry amazing perfumes and makeup try looking at them if u dont agree with the clothing sizes... jeez get over it. but one thing i dont agree with is them hiring morbidly skinny cashiers now that can give off the wrong impression...

  • An
      15th of Jun, 2010
    -2 Votes

    certain brands are for certain people get over it they have clothing lines for thicker people. but when they have lines for just skinny people you "thicker" people wanna get get mad. I'm short so it's hard to find goood pants but I deal with it so stop [censor]ing about being over weight. loses weight or shop somewhere else. hollister is doing just fine, and there clothes aren't made for curves thier made for skinny people

  • Bb
      16th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    there goes stealth pilot flaming again.. you should be more concerned that you appear to the public as a jet fighter named the stealth pilot. then you are about her spelling. you should see a phycologist to check out your aggression issues, and why you feel the need to cut every one down.

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