Hollard Insurance Companyrefusal of legitimate claim

In December 2017 I boarded the MSC cruise to Mauritius and back to Durban in January 2018. I was collected by my friend and on arriving home and unpacking my large suitcase found the base had been so badly damaged it was not repairable I was told by a repair company. I made a claim and had to complete the same form many times and eventually after some months they refused my claim on the basis that I had not reported the damage to the MSC Desk on disembarkation in Durban. There is no such desk I am told by MSC! I took pictures and sent them to Hollard but as they were quite dark as the case is black mostly except for red trimming the pictures were not good. they refused to consider the pictures. I then went to the Police Station in Scottburgh with my case and swore an Affidavit which I submitted to Hollard but they refused to accept it. I then asked for an Assessor to come and see the case but they refused. they refused the claim. In the papers I had to state cost, etc etc. of the case which I got from various firms dealing in cases but Hollard I saw on their refusal had valued it only at R1000 and were going to consider the sum of R500 in compensation, which of course I did not get.
I have not considered cruising again with MSC because of this insurance refusal by Hollard.

Can you help me please, I would so appreciate it.

Many thanks
Margaret Howden (Mrs) [protected] P O Box 173, Scottburgh 4180

Dec 11, 2018

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