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Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I was sexually assaulted at a villas sol, guanacaste, costa rica‼️‼️‼️a resort sponsored by hsin to do one thing only.
Attack until you buy. Literally.
I've been through these presentations many times. After one no, 2 no's etc. We were leaving until, smooth talker, kevin gailhart, (The 1 of 2 amwrican men) swooped in and made promise after promise. None are true !
After i went to him with what happened they he sent me off with michael of security, little english, and a female, i insisted. After we left i was bullied and drugged. Kevin gailhart never checked. He swore we never, ever have to return there haha, hsi has a surplus so i'm stuck.
Not happening

The resort sucked, no water all day, rude concierge, peep holes in doors and no security
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Aug 26, 2016

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