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O Jul 11, 2016

I booked my tickets with these jokers 8 weeks before my holiday, i kept calling them to find out what was happening as i wasn't able to choose seat or meal or make any changes to my booking through Emirates's website, every time they kept telling me that the tickets are booked and there is nothing to worry about, 2 weeks before my holiday they called saying the the connecting flight was not operating and i found out that they were lying as i sent somebody to their head office and i was told that they are operating and i confirmed that with a couple of other agents in the uk, they called me and offered me an alternative with 10 days difference to my original dates and an increase in fare too. I refused that and told them that I will speak to my solicitor regarding this as they ruined my holidays the person on the phone got really angry and said he would book any tickets for me now as i threatened them by telling them that i will speak to my solicitor.
4 days later i called them to find out why my money was still held by them as soon as the person picked up my phone he started shouting that he won't help me and he doesn't want to talk to me, i got p*** and told him that i will go to their office and sort him out he asked to come and he will be waiting for me. when i got there the coward guy didn't even want to come out to face me. so they send a lady to speak to me and they refunded my money straight away. these guys are a bunch of jokers they lie and they rude please don't trust them, i am shocked that people like this are allowed to run a travel agency in the UK they give me and my family alot of stress.

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