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HMS Home Warranty / AC Unit

1 VA, United States

HMS Home Warranty is a SCAM company BIG TIME!!! We bought our townhouse in June/2008. Two months later I get water draing from the ceiling and down the side of the house which is coming from the AC unit in the attic. Called HMS and they state I must either wait up to 14 days for them to send someone out to check it or I must call the service company myself and try my luck at getting them over sooner. Of course, being the peak of August, I call the service company and try to get them over asap... didn't work! Anyway, when the company finally send someone over, the technician states it's too hot in the attic for him and writes in his report that "the problem is the condensation pan which the customers broke themselves"... a little detail on this statement is that we had never been up the attic!!! He then stated that we had another option, we could pay him one thousand dollars on the side to fix the AC condensation pan or else he would turn in the report stating we broke it. I ordered this man out of my house, threatened to call the police and I immediately called HMS to make a formal complaint and inform them that this man was dishonest and wanted our money on the side! HMS' response was even more interesting... THEY STATED THAT THEY'D HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE REPORT TO COME IN FROM THE SERVICE PROVIDER WHICH BLEW ME AWAY AND THEN WHEN THEY FINALLY DID RECEIVE IT A WEEK LATER, THEY STATED THAT WE HAD CRACKED THE AC CONDENSATION PAN AND THEREFORE WE WERE NOT COVERED!!! Well, let me say this... we don't even know what an AC condensation pan looks like or where to find it even if we wanted to break it or fix it!!! I'm a Nurse, I fix people's health and I certainly don't know the first thing about AC units up in the attic!!! THAT IS WHY WE PAY FOR HOME WARRANTY! SO WE DON'T HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT AC CONDENSATION PANS!!! THIS COMPANY ACCUSED ME OF BREAKING THIS WHEN I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!! THIS COMPANY WAS NOT EVEN WORRIED THAT THEIR SERVICE PROVIDER WAS BLACKMAILING ME!!! THIS COMPANY IS DISHONEST AND SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!!! THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL!!! I CANCELLED MY HOME WARRANTY AND GOT WHATEVER WAS LEFT AFTER THE FEES AND CHARGES THEY DECIDED TO PUT ON TOP OF THE PRO-RATED AMOUNT!! I WILL NEVER HAVE HOME WARRANTY AGAIN ESPECIALLY WITH HMS... THIS COMPANY SPECIALIZES IN TAKING YOUR MONEY AND THEN CALLING YOU A LIAR WHEN YOU PUT IN A CLAIM!!!

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