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HMS Home Warranty / Do not use – absolutely horrible

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My husband and I bought our home 3 wks ago. The 2nd day in our home, our A/C broke. It was 100 degrees outside for the next 5 days. I called immediately to HMS to place a claim, they provided a local contractor. It took 2 days to get the contractor, Eagle Appliance, out. I paid $100 deductible. He then came out and said the problem was that there was a freon leak and the compressor was running on no freon and it locked up. Which is a mechanical failure. I was then told I would have to replace both my inside and outside unit, the line sets, and the ductwork modifications around the unit and that the line sets and ductwork would not be covered under the warranty. It then took him 4 days to put the claim thru to HMS. This was with at least 2 phone calls I had to make each day to keep pushing them thru. So, then I get the phone call from HMS that this had to be a pre-existing condition, because the leak had to have began prior to the seller buying the warranty we were given and our claim was denied. I even then explained what they were telling me was a complete mis-diagnosis because I work for a HVAC company and there is no way to determine when the leak started. Also that it could have taken one day for the compressor to blow. They did not list to one word I said and refused to over turn the claim. I then contacted my realtor who was telling this warranty was great and would cover anything that could go wrong with our new home. So... he then filed another claim, he was also told that there was no record of this other "denied" claim or the $100 that was given to him. So we then began the process again. Another contractor came to our home, another $100 paid to this contractor and another diagnosis. This contractor, Caviness Mechanical, came out and just looked at the unit. He didn't even hook up one gauge to the unit to test for freon readings. Nothing, just asked my husband (who also is a HVAC technician) what was wrong. He told him the compressor was blown. The tech said OK, we will have to replace the outside unit and install a new thermal expansion valve. My husband asked him if he thought this would be covered thru the warranty. He said of course, you won't pay a thing.

It then took another 3 days to hear back from HMS after receiving this contractor's report. I was then told that the tech said that the unit was very old and the compressor was locked up and that there was rust on the bottom of the unit. They said they do not cover any problems resulting from rust and they would not cover this claim. They said the since the unit was rusted it could not support the compressor and that is what caused the failure. I even asked how can he tell what the failure was, since he didn't even check to see if the unit had freon?? They once again, did not want to hear a word I said and all they could tell was once again our claim was "denied".

This is not at all what I expected from HMS. At the time of settlement, the realtors, the sellers everyone at that table said this is a great warranty and will anything major that could go wrong with our new home. It was all a complete and total lie.

No matter what the technician or contractor reports back to HMS, they will twist into what they need it to say, so they don't have to cover it. I tried numerous times calling them back and going over and over the reports that they claim are correct. I even disproved everything they were saying, my husband and I both work in the HVAC industry and know what we are talking about, they still would not reverse the claim.

This is the absolute worst experience in customer service that I have ever had. I have a brand new home in which I was told anything major that broke would be covered and now I have lost $200.00 and in the future will lose at least another $1, 000 plus to make the necessary repairs. I am seeking a lawyer to get some kind of compensation from someone.

In conclusion, please don't let you or anyone you know be taken by this company as I was. If this review helps one person not have to go thru what I have been going thru for the past 3 wks I will be happy. HMS IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PURCHASE THIS WARRANTY!!!

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  • Ja
      27th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    You can find more complaints about this company here

  • Ch
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same almost exact thing happened to me. They have been stalling for me now on almost 3 months...

    Thank you for posting this however its too late for me but I can help warn others. Also anyone post complaints to the Better Business Bureau as well.

    My account had notes of a discussion that the intial contractor did not state. What we thought was an easy coil fix turned out to be more and when the contractor stated this, they said okay system replacement, had all the way to authorization of a Goodman system which is way below my Ruud system with heat pump, when a senior person asked them to put a hard start system on there instead. The contractor stated no because its just a bandaid to get through the warranty year...and after than, he was told HMS would get a second opinion which tells me that they wanted someone else to put that unit on there.

    And I kept my promise to HMS...that I would contact who I could, realtors, BBB, attorney general and more...

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I don't understand why local law makers have not put a stop to this dishonest and downright criminal businesses. I have found that the better business bureau in ineffective. What you need to do is call your local newspapers and local TV stations that do a consumer rights segements and get this out in the news. I have also asked the realtor that has sold 2 house to my children to stop pusing this as a perk to the buyer. If the agencies stop using these theives, maybe something will be done to put them out of business. You all have gone through what my two sons are going through now but nothing will get done unless some effective action is taken. I hope everyone listens and makes some noise. It is hard to believe that this very visable fraud is out there and still allowed to pursue other poor unsuspecting clients.

  • Ro
      20th of Jul, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Like many others we have HMS Home Warranty for a new purchased town home. They are horrible it is a over 100 degrees outside. We call them like 10 times a day and every time get some different story about parts, authorizations, approvals, or more information from the AC tech. I've read literally 100 reviews about this company and AC Horror stories. We too like many others have health hazards due to the excessive heat. Please stay away from this company. Weichert Realtors got us this warranty. I will reaching out to Mr. Weichert personally, filing a BBB complaint, and going to file a Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and write a complaint to Senator John Rockfeller Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce. This company is Un-American taking advantage of good American tax paying homeowners.

  • Ja
      27th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have tried to use my HMS Home Warranty twice. Both times have left me very frustrated and believing that HMS is nothing more than a group of scam artists. First, I called about a sewage back up in the basement. They fought that it was a pre-existing condition and would not cover it (mind you, this was after paying the $100 deductible). Long story short, it cost me a few hundred dollars out of pocket to fix the problem and countless headaches with HMS. Most recently, I contacted HMS about a leaking pipe. They contacted their local plumber to set up an appointment for a Monday morning. The plumber does not show. I call him (and HMS) numerous times over the next week. The plumber never returns a phone call. I then called HMS asking for a new plumber. They refuse, and tell me to wait a little longer (they said I should give him at least another week) for him to return my call. I decided to call someone else, and had the problem fixed within 15 minutes. However, this was out of my own pocket. When I called HMS to cancel my service call and explain that I had someone else fix the problem, they replied, "Oh, we sorry, We would have gladly found another service provider in our network for you, but since the work has been done by someone outside our network, we can't do anything for you." This was only one day after they refused to assign a new plumber. There is no other way to put it: HMS is a lying, deceitful company who scams homeowners. Avoid this company (and Richard Cassinari Plumbing in Cincinnati, OH) at all costs.

  • Hv
      15th of Mar, 2014
    -3 Votes

    nothing more shameful than to hear both of you are in the hvac trade. if you both are, fix and or replace the damn thing yourself, oh we know why you didn't because you were trying to get some thing for nothing, you should know better, i bet you have had your fair share of over billing

  • Jw
      25th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @hvactech73 I know this comment was made a few years ago, but I can't help myself.

    Trying to get something for nothing? They purchased a home with a warranty, and were promised that this warranty would pay for any repairs.

    So, they are to blame for trying to use the warranty? They bought the home on the premise that they had a warranty to back up their purchase.

    Your argument is flawed on so many levels.

  • Mr
      3rd of Jan, 2015
    -2 Votes

    Unbelievable. I have used both these companies, the warranty and Cassinari Plumbing, and, i only experienced great results. I will continue using both and recommending both. I think, you might not be knowledgeable enough of plumbing and pre-existing problems. I am in the medical field, and see it all the time. This is a great warranty company, and a great plumber. Both experienced, efficient and considerate. You need to learn more.

  • An
      1st of Jun, 2018
    +2 Votes

    HMS is a complete fraud. Worst company I have ever dealt with for anything! They will lie and lie on the phone. it has taken a year to get a refrigerator replaced after probably 6-7 tech visits which took hours and hours of calling them to make happen. They've been telling us for several months our check for replacement refrigerator is in the mail. We had to buy it ourselves and wait for their piddly partial reimbursement because they only gave us one option for replacing it and our food was going bad time and time again - another expense not covered by them! The one option for replacement wouldn't fit in our space!!! We would have had to change out our cabinetry!! I mean really?? This company is a scam!! The worse Customer Service I have ever encountered.

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