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Hilton Grand Vacations Club
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We signed-up with the Hilton Grand Vacations Club nearly seven weeks ago -- and once the paperwork was signed, it was like HGVC suddenly could care less about living-up to it's end of the deal.

It has been 46 days since we became Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners at Parc Soleil in Orlando, and we still have not been granted access to the HGVC owners web site to start using the timeshare that we purchased. Unlike most owners, we paid nearly 50% upfront -- yet we are still not allowed to look for timeshare availability because Hilton has not created our account yet. It has been 46 days!! Also, we are not allowed to speak with a human via the Hilton elite member 800 reservations line because Hilton has not created the account yet. The elite line is for members with accounts only. We ARE members with an account. Hilton is just dragging it's feet in activating it.

We are locked into a contract for over $70, 000.00 with HGVC, and we can not book a thing ourselves... even though we were entitled to do so 46 days ago. We can not even speak to a human Customer Service Representative to have them make our reservations for us. All we can do is call and leave a voicemail with our saleswoman -- who can access the owner's online booking system and will tell us a day or two later if there is availability. This makes it impossible for us to plan into the future. It makes the whole HGVC agreement appear to be a sham. It makes us mad to think that it takes a company like Hilton nearly seven weeks to set-up an online account to grant new owners access to the timeshare system.

We are avid travelers, so the Hilton Grand Vacations Club seemed like a good match for us. But as the days continue to tick by -- and we still can't make our timeshare reservations -- the whole timeshare idea has lost it's appeal. All we get from HGVC are excuses and delays and a bunch of baloney as to why it is taking so long for HGVC to set-up our account. "We're swamped." "We're so busy selling these timeshares that there is a backlog in setting up the accounts." "It never takes more than 30 days to set-up an account." Hilton's latest line of baloney is that it is suddenly missing a signed form -- which we had never heard of until today.

The HGVC sales people were quick to print-out all the necessary forms with the push of one button -- and even notarized them on the spot. The sales team then promptly overnighted a copy to our home a few days later for more signatures. The company moved at lightning speed with the legal paperwork to secure our money (and presumably the sales commissions) -- and lock us into the contract. But once the paperwork was returned to Hilton Grand Vacations Club, it was like we just waved goodbye to our hard earned money and said hello to a long line of excuses.

The HGVC sales team has given us the song and dance (over and over) as to why it is taking so long for us to be entitled to use what is rightfully ours. But they keep changing the tune. I realize timeshares are a number crunching game: while the Hilton Grand Vacations Club is building capacity, it is in it's best interest to have continual cash flow (timeshare sales) while maintaining enough capacity for those who bought in years ago (preventing new owners from booking). One mechanism to make the numbers game work could be to sign-up new owners and then create delay after delay so they are not allowed to start booking reservations for weeks. In our case seven weeks. And then blame it all on an aggressive sales team and an overwhelmed IT team.

I don't care who you blame it on. The bottom line is that we still can not access the timeshare we paid for nearly seven weeks ago.

There is no excuse for that.
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N  11th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Dear former HGVC member:

I am writing to inform you that Unite Here Local 5, the hotel workers union, has recently launched an investigation of Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare and sales operations. We are extremely interested consulting with you about your experience with HGVC marketing and sales.

Generally, Hawaii law regulates the manner in which timeshares are sold. HRS 514E; HAR 16-106. We want to find out whether any laws were violated when you purchased your timeshare. Some important questions we would like to ask you include:

· Did the sales agent misrepresent your rights when you purchased your timeshare?

· Did the timeshare booth have proper signage; was it clearly labeled as a timeshare booth?

· Were you given literature offering prizes to speak with timeshare sales employees without disclosing the purpose of the prizes was to solicit timeshare sales? Do you know whether the literature was filed with the Department of Consumer Affairs; did it contain the proper disclosures?

If the sale of your timeshare violated Hawaii law you may be entitled to void the sale. Chapter 514E-11.3 of Hawaii Revised Statues states:

Every sale or transfer made in violation of this chapter shall be voidable at the election of the purchaser. Without limiting any other remedy of the purchaser, the person making the sale or transfer and every director, officer, or agent of or for the seller, if the director, officer, or agent has personally participated or aided in any way in making the sale, transfer, or solicitation, shall be jointly and severally liable to the purchaser in any action at law in any court of competent jurisdiction upon tender of the time share interest sold, or of the contract made, for the full amount paid by the purchaser, with interest at the rate of ten per cent a year from the date of payment by the purchaser, together with all taxable court costs and reasonable attorney's fees, less a pro rata portion of the amount paid representing the portion of any benefits the purchaser actually received or had the right to receive during the time preceding tender.

Please contact us immediately to discuss the details of your situation. We would like to talk to you even if you no longer own your timeshare.

Best regards,

Austin Case
Researcher Unite Here Local 5
808-941-2141 (Phone)
N  29th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
@A. Case I have a similar issue as I got to sign after telling them I wasn't working and they made me an elite member after I specifically told them I cannot afford to be elite. I wasn't told that Hawaii had extra taxes and services either. It has come to the point that I might have to sell my livelihood which is my home to pay this unfairly misleading information by the selling staff. A class action is necessary.
A  15th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We got enticed to Las Vegas HGVC on 3/2011 to see their presentaion, about three hours of a salesperson asking all kind of personnal questions on your vacation habits. They realy paint the whole program like the eight marvel of convenience then they start with the numbers and the fees and the condo fees and the reservation fees and whatever fees, basically your are paying for a condo your never visit or never owe...etc. Then a second timeshare salesman expert comes to assist on the pitch then lower the offer price but it's still a ripoff for an 18% interest rate. The salesman made a mistake on saying it's a one time offer and will never be called againg like the Direct Buy club scam. If you you accept to their pitch presentation watch your bank or credit card account because they'll keep charging money even if you did not authorize them. The club facilities in Vegas are not that luxurious, just a regular hotel, no restaurant, no gambling, far away from the Bellagio, regular swimming pool, parking rather far from the main buildings. The area around is in the midle of nowhere only the Circus Circus is a block and a CVS drugstore is next doors.
A  16th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We too got taken in during our vacation in Hawaii. No mention was made of a timeshare, just a 'presentation' we would like you to sit through. What was labeled as a 'one hour of your time' dragged on for nearly four hours!! They wouldn't let us out of there. To top it off we patiently sat through this missing lunch and wanting 'time' to discuss this alone but no, they would not let you leave. It's a "now or never once-in-a-lifetime-deal'! Looking back - I wish I had forced my spouse to walk out - it wasn't a matter of the money but more the principle. Were we ever misrepresented? You betcha. It has now been 90+ days and we still haven't received our 'package' or access into HGCV. WE were never told we could sign an option to purchase and come back in 7 days and they would honour this document. The impression we got was sign now or else! Talk about business tactics, nothing demure or courteus about it. The dissatisfaction on the salesman face when we said we needed time to discuss this and get back to them was very evident that he had given up on us. He then went and got his 'boss' in to work us over. Whatever happened to the Hilton name and honour? They wouldn't even honour the deal they made with us from day one when we came back next day!! They upped the price on us instead and made some excuse about all units in the first building being 'sold out'!! Yeah right . . . there must be something legally we can do about all this. . .?
A  7th of Jul, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We had exactly the same experience. When we finally got our password and number and tried to book a vacation we found nothing available in any of the places we wanted to go - London, Tokyo, California, South Carolina you name it nothing was available. We even asked for them to tell us what was available and when but they couldn't do that. We paid $18, 000 for something we can't use. If we paid this for a car and it came with no wheels I am sure the judge would have something to say about that.
A  10th of Aug, 2011 by    +2 Votes
You think that you're going to come out ahead but in the long run, you don't. If you want to go to the Carribean, you vave to pay exchange fee and the facilities that the have in inventory is not up to Hilton Grant VC standards. I am used to all inclusive/art deco/lavish ambiance. These carribean inventory are Not Up To Par. Here is a description of the facility they were trying to get me to go to in Antigua and Barbuda : UnAcceptable!!!
- Old and not well maintained
- Bugs
- Roof leaks
- Moldy bedding
- Dated decor
- Window screen needs to be replaced
- Mosquitos in the rooms
- Worst Customer Service
- Small Pool that had black mold and needs a paint job
- Surrounded near the airport, by a tacky bar, car parks etc..
N  29th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
@EngJamBrwnSgr Why do they call it maintenance fees if they don't maintain the properties? When I was in Hawaii I also specifically asked not to be near the elevator and guess what I was put right next door to it.
D  27th of Nov, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Purchased 8400 points mid Nov of 2010 and also received 12, 400 bonus points. Was told everything would be in place by first of year, and everything was, including on line reservation system. Used some of bonus points in Feb 2011 to extend a business stay in a cat 7 Hilton hotel. Had a great time. Used online system to reserve a week at a Hilton resort in Nov 11. Had a great time. Bought 6000 more yearly points at this stay and received 14, 000 bonus points. The new property we bought into should close Jan 2012 and we are eager to use some of the Elite perks we now have.

The online system did have a few glitches when I tried to reserve 2 suites in Breckenridge for July 2012, and I had to reserve by phone. At my request, Hilton waived phone in fees and charged the lesser on line fees.

Absolutely no problems here.
A  22nd of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
STAY AWAY, I agree.
We are Gold Members and had not encountered any problem until we booked our 8 days 2011 Xmas vacations in Hilton Grand Waikikian Tower. We were booked facing the BLUE ALAKAI TOWER though we requested a lagoon-westside unit. We were told only ELITE MEMBERS can request and hold -and have priorities to better units. We were quickly adviced if we want to speak to a SALES COUNCILOR to UPGRADE & become ELITE members - that means doling out additional $50k PLUS $2000 yearly maintenance. It is clearly a Hilton HGVC ”PLOT” to pressure one to ”UPGRADE” and invest more money.
We just saw 1864 - a unit facing lagoon vacated yesterday but was told it was assigned (conveniently ?) to an Elite member. How interesting would it be if we found out that the occupants were not Elite members after-all? One can only ponder how embarassment this would be for Hilton - if they truly care for ALL owners.
A  22nd of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
D  29th of Mar, 2012 by    -3 Votes
Purchased 3500 annual points a few years ago and used resorts in both Las Vegas and Carlsbad. Had great experience at both. Loved the HGV on the strip and the HGV at the Flamingo. The HGV Mar Brisa in Carlsbad was brand new and beautiful, it but up against Lego Land with access. A few complaints with Mar Brisa is that its not complete and under construction. The photos of the pool area on the HGV website are not for HVG but the Sheraton Resort on the same property. We were told that we could use the pool there but were turned away when we tried. This was a few years ago and I have heard there may have been changes there since it HGV started managing operations. (When we stayed there is was considered and affiliated resort managed by Pacific Resorts I think.
Went back to Las Vegas the next year and decided to upgrade to 7000 points. We have 4 children and wanted to be able to get the 3 bedroom if available. Ended up staying at the both of the Las Vegas Resorts a few times that year both with the children and other with just us. We always get at least the 1 bedroom its so much nicer then just the studio. We also tried Carlsbad again, this time Grand Pacific Palisades. This was a great resort! Even though it was not as nice and new as Mar Brisa it was just an overall better experience. There was plenty of daily activates for the kids plus there was an adults only pool area that you could relax in without all the noise. (We have tried to go back to this resort but there has not been openings when we had the time to go.
We had been so impressed with HGV that the next year we decided to upgrade again to 14, 000 annual points. With that come elite status that has a bunch of perks with it. We ended up spending New Years Eve at the HGV on the Las Vegas Strip. We had 1 bedroom plus on the 34th floor which was awesome and reserved another 1 bedroom for friends that came with us. We had other friends that came to Vegas that weekend and stayed at the hotels and paid over $750 per night with a 3 night minimum. They just had a simple hotel room and we had awesome suites with full kitchens. Needles to say it was a blast.
As you can see we have no regrets with our HGV, we look forward to a Hawaii trip this year we booked a 3 bd for 10 days plus we are using Hilton HHonors points to pay for the airfare. We have also booked a 14 day Caribbean Cruise for Nov 2012.
HHonors is another great thing, you can transfer HGV points to HHonors points that can be used at any Hilton property not just HGV, Cruises, Houseboats etc. I have an American Express HHonors card that I use for all my purchases for my business. I earned about 1.5 million HHonors points last year buying stuff that I would have bought anyway. And just to give you an example HHonors has something called Going Global where you can stay in places like Bora Bora with those villias over the water for 7 days for 300, 000 points.
I guess my point is that Hilton Grand Vacations can be great is you use it and know how it works. I know lots of owners that love it like me and some that just complain.
Another great tip so that your points never expire. Before Dec 31st convert all of your next years points to HHonors Points. HHonors never expire. Then if you want to use HGV just borrow the points from the next year. You will always be borrowing from the next year but you will never have wasted points. Our first year we wasted almost 1500 points that we could use before they expired. (You cannot convert current year points to HHonors but you can rescue them one time, then if you don't use them you loose them.)
A  25th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I agree with the complaints - much of why I no longer work for HGV! It made me sick to my stomach the tactics and verbiage we were pressured to use for sales. Only thing I would recommend in favor of HGV is to take advantage of the low vacation rates and perks, but hold your ground on the 2 hour presentation, walk out and NEVER buy into their timeshares.
D  24th of Aug, 2012 by    -2 Votes
Don't Stay Away
SatisfiedHiltonEliteMember is now Elite Plus. We love HGVC. The reservation agents are pleasant and the online Revolutions is a great system for reservations. The time it takes to get you into the online reservation system after signing your contract is 45 to 60 calendar days, so complaining that "it's been 7 weeks now and still no access" is silly. High pressure sales tactics?? You have a cooldown period after signing where you can back out. It appears that some people like to complain and not assume responsibility for their own actions.
A  21st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Dear SatisfiedHiltonEliteMember, why are satisfied, do you work there, can you give concrete examples why you are satisfied, are you a HHonors elite member or an HGVC owner, how long with them? HGVnightmares agreed with basically all complaints posted, but you defended only the online reservation one issue, what about the other complaints? Please HELP, I'm being pressured to decide to yet become an HGVC OWNER soon!!!
D  21st of Dec, 2012 by    -2 Votes
We love HGVC so much we bought a second timeshare two years later. So far, every vacation has been incredible and we're preparing to spend a week in Carlsbad for Christmas. I always recommend Hilton to my friends and family and only wish I would have purchased one sooner. I'm a little caught off guard by all the criticism. We went to probably 5 timeshare presentations before making a decision and finally decided that they wouldn't be getting any less expensive and that we probably wouldn't stop taking vacations. Now we know what type of accommodations to expect each and every time. So far, no disappointments.
A  27th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Good luck on trying to book at Carlsbad during Christmas!!! It is NEVER available. It is like that at most of the places. I even have two timeshares at Flamingo Vegas and I can't even book during New Years. The night of new years is never available and this is my home resort and I have a Platinum account. How is that possible?
A  27th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have two platinum condos at the Flamingo, Las Vegas. I can't even book them during New Years and it is my home resort. Good luck booking anything in California... Carlsbad is NEVER available.
A  16th of Jun, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I had someone try to call me and offer me a trip to one of there clubs. The girl was nice enough but really pressured me into booking the package. I have health issues and so do other family members and money does not allow for things like this, plus I couldn't see myself wanting to take a trip to Vegas in the first place. I should have hung up but I was being polite, and unfortunately I gave in. After not even 10 minutes I got the email confirmation and then the red flags started popping up. The price was higher then the quoted price, I couldn't login to the website to look at dates, and things just seemed fishy. Then I found this site and many others. I knew I had to cancel, but how? I finally came across information stating that there was no refund policy and that I wasn't getting my money back. Like heck I wasn't. I sent emails to the website, to their Facebook, to Hilton's website, emails, Facebook etc for hours and finally got a response back. I let every single person I contacted know that I was getting my money back one way or another. I also let them know that I wanted my phone number removed and I wanted NO ONE to contact myself or my family ever again. I regularly stay at Hilton Hotels but never signed up for HGV. I guess my very straight forward approach worked because it only took one email back for them to refund me.

"Good afternoon
I would like to start off by apologizing on behalf of Hilton Grand Vacations.
We will be looking into this matter and making sure that this does not happen again.
Upon your request, your Hilton Grand Vacations Club Package has been cancelled .
The full amount of $298.48 has been refunded back to your Visa.
Please allow a few days for the amount to post.
We do apologize for any inconvenience this matter might have caused.
Please contact me if you have any questions or need further assistance.
Thank you for your time,



Danny Mesa
Hilton Grand Vacations
6355 Metro West Blvd Suite 700, Orlando FL 32835
Guest Service Specialist
Monday – Friday 10.00am – 6.00 pm Eastern Time
Phone 1-800-482-0047 ext. 4533

Anyone having issues, try contacting Danny above. He was good, quick, and extremely helpful!
N  8th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Hi we're British and on honeymoon in May 2013 at Florida Hilton sea world we bought into a hilton grand vacations club we deposited money to them via credit card since our return they have taken money out of my husbands account monthly we've paid out loads for maintenance n taxes ect but we now got a huge bill for £800 odd pounds it's for same thing all taxes n maintenance ect we realize from reading these comments and many others we've been miss sold.
We've had nothing in return we spent ages trying to access the site only to be told were not reg yet then finally we get on the site (if u can call it that) it's rubbish. We cannot book a holiday or nothing we feel we have been conned n trapped and as we're in Englad we cannot afford the cost of calling and hanging on the line and we have e-mailed them
several time and only get a reply to say e-mail another person or read your contract it's diabolical PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US GET OUT OF THIS SCAM we are British and need to know what to do
N  5th of Dec, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Received a call last night from Hilton vacations and could not believe the sales tactics to have me purchase a stay in Hawaii. They wanted $1300 right then over the phone. Are you kidding me? I asked for the offer in writing but the sales lady proceeded to make me a better offer. In addition, I expressed that I wanted to consult my husband and asked for a number to call her back. The sales lady wanted me to place her on hold while I call my husband. That was the last straw on our conversation. I dropped the call. I cannot believe Hilton condones this type of sales campaign.
A  28th of Dec, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Like many of you, we too own a HGVC timeshare that is truly a waste of money! We paid in full when we bought it and did not receive all of the so-called promotions when we did! We too felt the huge shift in how they treat a prospective buyer and an owner - owners are not valued & actually treated like second class citizens. We have not only continued to pay and pay nickel & dime fees for rescue/point stretching, but also hefty maintenance & dues. The sad thing is that after having the timeshare for over 3 years, we finally used a few points for a couple of days in New York, but got socked with high housekeeping fees for a short stay & would have been better off using hilton honor points at a hotel. We can honestly say that this was the worst investment that we ever made and the biggest waste of thousands of dollars! Don't be fooled by HGVC's salespeople - they are good at what they do, but the HGVC timeshare program is not worth the years of frustration after you own it.
A  9th of Jan, 2014 by    +2 Votes
My husband and I got a call two days ago from HGV with offer to stay at either Las Vegas property of New York property and listen to a presentation. We really like Hilton Hotels and have been Honors members for many years (Diamond for a number of those), so we asked for a day or two to consult our schedules, check airfare etc. Like others have stated, we were given a strong pitch that we had to book the cheapest option now to hold the offer and could upgrade to the more expensive NY option when we called to schedule our visit. We were also offered other perks for this visit so said yes and gave a credit card number for the 3 night Las Vegas stay ($149 + Tax). We did our research and called back 2 days later to book the NY property and were told the price had gone up from $249 to $400. Asked for a manager who promised to pull taped call and get back to me. Never heard from her. Very angry and very very disappointed that Hilton lets this go on again and again. Really changes my view of the company and the stock whcih I was thinking of buying. Looks like I will file a complaint with my credit card company and the BBB and curtail my enthusiasm for (and stays with) Hilton properties.

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