Hibbett Sportshibbett sports north augusta plaza 354

Hello, ive been a huge fan /supporter of hibbett sports for many many years, but as of yesterday i would rather take my money and Spend it elsewhere. There was a short stubby darkskinned woman with a bronze grill in her mouth with very short hair(air fro) i didn't catch her name but she was extremely rude and highly unprofessional, she showed favoritism to customers, and appeared hestitant to check for shoe sizes. She wasnt friendly at all and didn't greet upon arrival. There's also another staff member, he was a guy with dread locks, he was not as bad as the woman but when l asked for multiple shoe sizes he hesitated just and looked at me for a couple seconds before he proceeded to go get the shoe. This complaint is not intended to get anyone in trouble, but only to inform you on how your customers are being treated

May 27, 2018

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